Parenting Pitfalls

The more years that pass, the more I am reminded that my words can heal or hurt my children’s tender spirits.

The kids ask a question.  As simple as:

“Why does it rain?”

to a little more complex:

“Why can’t I talk to strangers?”

I give a fly by my seat answer:

“because the trees are thirsty” to {a little more thought out}

“because there are mean people in the world”.

Rinse, repeat.

But, how many of my answers really get embedded into their memories?  Are these moments they will remember? Will they look back on these as pearls of wisdom to pass on to the next generation?   Or decide {then and there} mom is senile, doesn’t know anything, and they will have better answers when their kids ask?

Recently, while driving my daughter to PSR {four years into it and I am still convinced this stands for Public School Religion, but I digress} I was reminded of the profound {potential} impact I can have as a parent and the impact it will have on my child.

Daughter: my friends are begging me to bring my Pokemon cards to school {Oh, Pokemon is back by the way}.

Me: Tell them your mom doesn’t allow the cards at school.

Daughter: I can’t do that.  I can’t disappoint them.


{slight pause as I sense that this is a great teaching moment.  Profound if you will.  While I make the turn into church I consider finding a long way to the drop off lane because I feel that this moment is that important.  I gather my thoughts and finally speak}.

Real friends will not make you do things you are not supposed to. {Foreshadowing: a Yoda voice may have left a longer lasting impression}.

Boom.  Nailed it.  Opened the door to a {deep} conversation about what friendships {really} mean.  The importance of staying true to yourself.  Always do what is right.  Avoid the pitfalls of peer pressure {yada, yada}.

Daughter: K, bye! {hops out of car}

Wai-wha-really?!  Did she even hear this {earth shattering} reveal?  No idea.  Pretty sure she was unimpressed.

Also, pretty sure that sums up the next 18 years of my life.


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