Think Twice

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed.  

                            If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.”

                                                                                                         –Denzel Washington

One of my all time favorite quotes is:

“It is not you vs. me; it is you and me vs. the problem.”  

Those words are universal and inspire compromise.  They can be applied to marriage, relationships, parenting, and workplaces.  They encourage a well balanced outcome.  But, then we have this other force; one that inspires collective unrest: social media.

If social media excels at anything it is breeding the You V. Me mentality.  How much time is spent justifying thoughts and feelings?  Making statuses politically correct so that no one is inevitably accidentally offended?  I have to hand it to Facebook; it callously allows its users to promote fear {mongering} and hate {speech}.  Throw politics or religion into the mix and you have catastrophic consequences among friends and family.  Forget a pride of lions and a raw steak; post one article on a news feed from the news source du jour and people will viciously attack one another.

Our world insists everyone accept everything and be happy about it.  We spend so much time preaching sameness and disguise it as tolerance.  The only opinion allowed is the one that is {seemingly} open-minded.  In the process, we have forgotten to stand for something.

Enter {the dreaded} politics.

Our current problem is that we have smothered differing beliefs to an astonishing level.  We have let the media sources {social and otherwise} dictate influence our thoughts.  We condemn those with a conservative ideology.  We dismiss those with a liberal one.  It has been beaten into our heads {by the media} that if we exhibit any behaviors that do not comply with political correctness, then we are an enemy to equality.

There are those who are pro-life and that is okay.  There are those who are pro-choice and that is okay.  There are those who believe marriage to be between a man and a woman and that is okay.  There are those who do not and that is okay.  There are those who wanted Donald Trump to be president and that is okay.  There are those who wanted Hillary Clinton and that is okay.  It stops being okay when we start being cruel; when we suppress another’s beliefs because we are afraid of what it means for us.

We need to examine our own prejudices and allow each other to speak of them freely…without fear of consequence.  Do not try to change minds; open them.  Do not be so arrogant as to believe that your way is the way.

Regardless of what we see, hear and read on the media outlets we need to promote understanding and demand truthfulness.  Stop harping on everything we are ‘against’ and we might be able to discover what we are mutually ‘for’.

It is time to stop using social media as a method of instilling chaos for a cause.

We are all in this together.  It is time to start acting like it.

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