Luck Is Not a Lady

DISCLAIMER: Insert “no judgement” frequently or you may not enjoy this post.

I would like to think that I am a positive person.  An optimistic, glass half full kind of gal if you will.  Sure, I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but who isn’t?  No, just me?

Maybe it is because we live in a 24/7 world.  Constantly checking on what everyone around us is doing via that wonderful social media of ours.  And then {accidentally} comparing ourselves to that {impossible} standard of online perfection.  We must be afraid that we are going to miss what someone is doing at 2 am.  At the risk of sounding old:

Guys, nothing exciting is happening at 2 am {insert “say whaa-t?” here}.

Never the less, we scroll first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

I don’t know about your feeds, but mine is saturated by those living charmed lives.  There are some people who just seem to have it all.  Financial freedom, exquisite homes, great families.  Anything they do is successful.  They have fancy gym memberships and frequent elegant vacations.  They were popular in high school, succeeded in college and are acing adulthood.  They bounce right back, bikini ready, after pregnancy {I am gonna insert my eye roll here, but bravo if that is you}.  Their children are well behaved in public and their cars are luxurious.  Don’t get me wrong, that is amazing.  I am cheering you on.  Really, I am.  No, seriously.  Truly.  {One too far?}

Enter me.  I am quite possibly the antithesis of everything a fore mentioned.  My bank account is–well let’s just say, I leave my purse in the car because if someone steals my wallet…thank you.  While my home is more than I would have ever dreamed, it is by no means on the fancy scale.  No granite or hardwood floors.  Our bathrooms are not tiled; our sinks are not modern.  Our carpet is stained, walls are dinged.

It takes me about a year to really lose my pregnancy weight.  Five pounds always hangs on, so essentially I am up 25 lbs from my wedding day {sorry, hubby}.  Our car is ‘used’ in every sense of the word.  High school was blah.  I cannot say the same about college.  I would rewind time to relive those years, but I digress.  I love my career choice, but not so much the student loans.

We are middle class in every sense of the phrase.  It seems that every time the going gets good we take two steps back.  We do not dare make plans as they always fall through.  Case and point: it took us four tries to make it out on a single date night.  First attempt our son ended up in the hospital to rule out E.coli {thank the Lord it was nothing}.  Second attempt I came down with a case of appendicitis.  Third attempt hubby fell on some ice, injured his ankle and was not too mobile.  Fourth attempt- hashtag winning.  Needless to say, I am a little bit nervous to plan another.

I do not have the flawless home, modern appliances, or newest vehicle.  Pretty sure my closet is considered out dated; I just can’t get on board with jeans that are actually ripped open {beyond that distressed look}.  My parents used to have me throw away all my clothes with holes and now I am being asked to pay a little more than my mortgage for them. I see ruffles everywhere and am completely envious of the ladies who can pull them off.  I look like a lopsided clown in anything with a stripe or ruffle.  And the mom hair.  My mom bun looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket.  How are all these women making it look runway worthy?

They say when it rains it pours, but we have hurricanes; too much month at the end of the money.  Any excess going to catching up from previous storms.  That is our life.  And while fancy vacations and fluffy bank accounts would be fun, I have everything I have ever wanted and more.

I have a husband who makes me laugh harder than anyone; weathering turmoil seems not so tragic with a lot of laughter.

My children are healthy; I mean really healthy.  There is absolutely no greater blessing and I am acutely aware of that fact.

We have a roof over our heads, even if by the looks of it you could not be sure if someone stormed in and robbed us {don’t panic, we just live here}.  We have food on our table even if it is not organic; it keeps us full.  We have clothes on our back- even the outdated, resale kind.  Our vacations may consist of camping rather than cruises but I share them with the ones I love most.  Our adventures are just as amazing even if we never leave our back yard.  We have absolutely everything we need to live this life fully.

But, I am no fool: the lottery.  That is where it is at.  Scratch offs are bound to pay off one day.  I am pretty sure that I will then be posting on social media along side the best of them.

No judgement.

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