Taketh and Giveth


Lawd or Lawd, today was a day.  I wish I could say it was an unusual day, but then I would be a liar.  While the events of our days vary from time to time, the way they go down is essentially unchanged.

For starters, the kids fought.  Shocking.  Over everything and anything.  Most notably over a Pokemon card that randomly decided to make an appearance after six months of being MIA.  They were all sure that one little card, that mind you no one missed, was theirs; and they weren’t going to stop until they defeated their opponents.

We spent an hour and a half in the car going to and from doctor appointments.  First of all, I now believe I can do anything because I actually survived an outing with the five of them intact, and what’s more astonishing is, so did they.  However, that 90 minutes was full of 3 kids having simultaneous meltdowns.  Yes, they were tired but don’t be fooled into thinking that because they were tired, means they’ll sleep.  I have fallen victim to that naive line of thinking and it has gotten me no where.

However, they can only elude the Sandman for so long before the vibrations of the car ride get to them.  They then fall prey to their 1 pm nap time at 5 pm leaving me with a very real dilemma: let them sleep in the hopes it’ll be until morning or wake them and risk unleashing their demonic, er, exhausted selves.   Let’s be honest, they never sleep all night.  So wake them I did and let’s just say it has been less than a pleasant evening.

I’ve spent today unleashing questionably subtle expletives under my breath and unloading more “arghs, hmphs, and whyyyyyyy’s” than I care to admit.  The electronics have definitely made an appearance.  I have spent way too much time saying,

“Stop it!”


“Seriously, what.did.I.say.”

Let’s just say that my patience cup did not runneth over.

But, then it happened.  My sweet nine year old showed me what he had done.

A picture of himself: dirty blonde hair, almond shaped hazel eyes on his beautifully tan skin with a tooth filled grin from ear to ear.  Next to him: my four year old sweetie.  Bright blonde hair, big blue eyes, fair as can be and his perfect crooked smile.  Under the picture he captioned {with the photo editor and I am quite impressed}

“The good times.”

Swoon.  Heart melted.  Slayed.


Just like magic I was given everything back that I had been depleted of today and then some.

I was reminded that the most important role I have as a mother is to cultivate the delicate relationship of my children.  It is my job to make sure they understand that they are always in each other’s corner, that they have each other to lean on, that they are in a judgment free zone when they are in each other’s presence, and that they are free to be themselves.  Always.

It is my responsibility to ensure that they do not let worldly possessions rip them apart; things like pride, envy, and greed.  There is no room for jealously among siblings.

This world is full of two things: beauty and bullsh*t.

It is up to me to make sure they know on which side of the fence they belong.

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