#stophate Announcement!


#stophate has been weighing heavy on my heart.  For a lot of years.  But, more so recently.  I have never been sure what I could personally do.  I thought,

“Let’s open the dialogue.”

So, I started blogging about it.

I realized that while communication is oh-so important, writing about #stophate just has not felt like enough.  My soul has been craving change.

So, been racking my brain.

I am your average midwest momma who is limited on both time and money- two things that are actually needed in this world for change.

But, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.  That doesn’t mean that #stophate can’t start.

What is all this vague hoopla about?  Anyone up for some details?!


I am so excited to announce that I have collaborated with the uber- talented and amazing The Woven Moon {check out her awesome custom designs for many an occasion here} to #stophate!

Anti-climatic?  I hope not!  Hows about a little FAQ with the deets!

How you ask?

She is making and we will be selling custom shirts!

Brand: the super soft and durable Gildan cotton tee!

They will be available in:

  • black
  • gray
  • light heathered purple.

The sizing includes:

  • XS-3XL
  • Unfortunately, light heathered purple is not available in XS sizing.
  • 2XL and 3XL will be higher cost due to more material.

They will display the logo #stophate.  
The light heathered purple will also rock the Rebel Housewife logo for those who are either rebels, housewives, or both!

How much does a T-shirt cost?

  • Sizes XS-XL will be $14.
  • 2XL and 3XL will be $18.
  • $3.50 will be added for shipping and handling costs.
  •  Local pick up is available!

What are we going to do with the money?

This is where the difference will be made!  We are going to donate 100% of the profits to an anti -bullying organization.  This means that $5.25 of each sale will be forwarded to an amazing cause!

I would like to make bi- monthly donations.  Every time the funds are submitted for donation, I will post the confirmation on my Facebook page; there will never be a question if the money is going where we say it is!  It will be posted for all to see!

Which foundation?

This is the best part!  Your choice!

I have narrowed it down to three organizations that spoke to me; I want YOU to vote on which organization YOU want to see YOUR money donated to!

How do you use YOUR voice and vote?

Simple!  Enter our giveaway!

Say what?!

Our first tee will be given to someone for FREE; and yes, $5.25 will be donated on behalf of our giveaway!

For one week:

  • head over to Rebel Housewife {click here};
  • LIKE Rebel Housewife Facebook page,
  • LIKE The Woven Moon Facebook page {click here}
  • LIKE the giveaway post!
  • SHARE the giveaway post!
  • Lastly, COMMENT on the post with #stophate and which organization you would like to see the donations forwarded to {they are listed and numbered in the giveaway post}!

At the conclusion of the giveaway, I will tally the votes and announce which cause WE will be contributing to!

Which organizations are we voting on?

Stop Bullying Now

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center: The End of Bullying Begins With You

Stomp Out Bullying: Change the Culture

Why did I choose these organizations?

To me, hate and bullying feed each other.  We have to stop one to stop the other.  These three organizations seem to be dedicated to stopping bullying on line and in schools.  I am not in a position to start my own foundation; so I would like to support an existing one!

What next?

Following the conclusion of the voting, we will giveaway our first shirt and open up the orders to anyone who wants to support our cause!

How do you order?

Be on the lookout on my Rebel Housewife Facebook page for the ordering link!  You will also be able to order through The Woven Moon {just send her a message for the ordering link}!

But, in an effort to maintain simplicity, you can pre-order yours by clicking the link below!

T-shirt order form

**At this time, the T-shirts will be available for sale in the United States only.  We will let you know if this changes!**

How long will the shirts be available?

As long as there is interest, there will be shirts!

How can I help”, you are wondering?

1. Enter the giveaway and vote!

Facebook Giveaway Invitation!

2. Buy a shirt!

3. Help us spread the message!  Take a picture of your shirt {once received} and tag both myself @arebelhousewife and @thewoven moon on Facebook or Instagram!

Together we can prove that kindness matters; we CAN #stophate on-line and in-life!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your support, in advance!

Here we go…!


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