Damn it, Donald

Dear Mr. President,

I like to think of myself as an understanding and compassionate individual.

I try to be fair when looking at a controversial situation; I truly want to see the other side.  To have an understanding of what has prompted a given response. 

But, you sir, are making it extremely difficult to extend an empathetic hand to you.

Mr. President, I have to ask:

Why Twitter?

Yes, as an American you have the right to speak your mind.  

But you sir, are held to a higher standard.  You are The President of the United States of America.  I am trying to understand if you grasp that concept.

I am not asking you to speak eloquently.  You have made it pretty clear eloquent speech is not your forte.  I do expect you to speak intelligently.  To choose your words thoughtfully.  To use them to unite a country.  

I am trying to understand if a unified nation is your intention.

You ran on a platform to 

Make America Great Again.”  

Your actions have not supported your slogan.

No, I did not vote for you.  No, I did not vote for the opposition.  No, I did not vote third party.

I am ashamed to say I did not vote.  

I received criticism for it; and I get it.  I thought not choosing was a choice.  Maybe it is; but how long will I have a choice if I take my power for granted.

I was under the impression that our Democracy in this nation was an illusion.  I do not know if my one vote would have changed the outcome.  But, how many of us felt powerless in the past election.  How many of us “our votes don’t count” were there?  Our Democracy is only an illusion if we let it become one.

I learned.  I won’t.

Our voices count.

Hindsight is definately a bitch.

I have been listening to you, Mr. President.  Trying desperately to understand your personal Twitter account and how it helps a nation achieve greatness. 

The only conclusion I can seemingly understand is that you are out of touch.  

So, I would like to bring reality to you.

You were elected by the people.

Maybe in doing so you have brought to light an uncomfortable truth.  Maybe we should thank you for taking away our broom and removing the rug.

I believe you do not know how to unite a nation, but damn it, we wont let you tear it apart.

Our nation is one where “all men are created equal.”  It is in the Declaration of Independence for Christ sake.

All means all.

My words will continue to echo the sentiment I wish our leadership would take {ahem, I am looking at you sir}.  

I am blessed to be a citizen of a country that allows me  to speak up.  

So, I won’t be quiet.

I have a feeling I am not the only one.

Oh, and please stop tweeting.


A midwest momma who doesn’t understand Twitter.

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