Ready or Not

*Fun Fact:

I wrote this blog December 2017. 

Now I remember why I blog, because I barely remember this day. 

Also, truer today than it was then.*

Kids grow up.

That’s what they do.

To a certain extent, you expect it.

They have their first struggled, possibly accidental roll.

First grunted army crawl, first wobbly step.

First half word, first belly laugh.

I was always excited.  Sometimes feeling a little sad that my baby was growing up so fast; but always found the subsequent stage more fun than the last.

Since it is flying by in the blink of a whatever blinks really fast, I have been making an effort to be with my kids, not just around them.   As a result, I am absent in other places.  Like the blog.  But, a few weeks ago, we had two firsts.  I found myself celebrating and bawling in the same moment.


So, here I return…

…to blog about it.

Our nineteen month old daughter and her precious little baby self uttered the most precious words:

her big brother’s name.

On repeat.

Swooned, melted, slayed, died.

The hubby and I couldn’t stop listening and prompting her to repeat his name.  It was the cutest little high pitched, nasally voice I ever did hear.

Mommy celebrated.


And then, my seven year old daughter brought me a piece of paper.  On this piece of paper a friend’s phone number was written.

“Ok. “  I said.

“Can I call my friend?  PUH-LEEEEEEZE momma?!”

I’m sorry, say what?  My mind flooded with racing thoughts:

You are a little person who now wants to make a telephone call and speak words to another little person?  I s’pose that is obvious.   And so she did.  And she was the happiest little [appropriately] gossipy girl you ever did see.

“And so it begins,” I think out loud.

And momma quietly followed her bouncy steps listening to the conversation she was having.  You know, being sneaky.


“And so it begins” my husband teases.

I am used to the first word, first name milestone.s  The more kids I have that reach said milestones, the more excited I am about how amazing it is that they.just.learn.these.things.  However, I am not ready for the actual growing up milestones.  You know, the big ones where they become big people with big problems.  The time is rapidly approaching and I am just so under-prepared and over-whelmed.

scared funny

I think it has been easy up to this point.  Babies, toddlers, pre-k, even kindergarten and first grade; just need their primary needs met.

Feed ’em when they are hungry.

Care for ’em when they are sick.

Clean them when they are dirty.

Hold ’em when they cry.

Love them.

Don’t leave them home alone.


However, as time passes, they are going to start needing things that are beyond the safety region of my arms and the comfort zone of my presence.

I am terrified.

But, I guess you take it as it comes.  Know that maybe I won’t be able to always mend those broken hearts, but I am keeping my arms open and my presence near by.

Not to mention, my ears perked.

listen intently

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