About Me

Chatting about me is my least favorite past time, but this section begs for it; so here we go.

I am your average-born- and -raised -in -the Midwest -gal except for those five years I spent living in my father’s homeland known as Kuwait.

I was raised celebrating all Muslim and Christian holidays and had no idea which way to worship God until I found Jesus at 28.

I am in a constant state of learning.

I am a fan of kindness, compassion, and open arms-ness.

I started this blog three years ago as a creative outlet. I took a break from it and in the interim had a nervous breakdown.

I have spent the last year recovering from suicidal ideation and one way I am coping is by filling my cup with more of the things that bring me joy.

I decided that this blog is one of them.

Publishing a book is another.

Chronicling my journey is apparently another coping mechanism because I have a very interesting life.

Insert sarcastic voice here.

Basically, I’m the most mundane human ever.

I am an exhausted working mom, in debt up to my eyeballs, looking to maintain balance and sanity.

Figured this life would make for some fabulous blog fodder.

Insert additional sarcasm here.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy and thank you for being here!

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