About Me

Hi there!  I am Rebel Housewife, known to most by the moniker of Sara.  I am mother to five littles and wife to one biggle.  I am an aspiring author and wannabe Insta influencer.  When I’m not posting online, you can find me working my day job as a nurse practitioner.  

My other passion in this life is working to remove the stigma that surrounds mental health and asking for help.  So when I’m not doing all the things I mentioned above, you can find me over at Love Will Foundation AKA my non-profit that provides financial assistance for counseling services in the St. Louis area as well as increasing awareness of the need for such services in our community (and really everywhere!)

Rebel Housewife is a place where mental health meets minimalism, where we strive to make motherhood easier, and where we don’t sugar coat the hard stuff. 

I have found authentic joy in doing less and love to share how it has given me more. I hope you find this community entertaining, inspiring, and valuable and I’m so glad you are here!

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