It Happens

My oldest daughter recently had a birthday.  And by recently I mean yesterday. Birthdays are pretty low key around here, but I do strive to make them memorable.   We aren't big on loud celebrations; just an understated, albeit constant, acknowledgement of their birth.  It usually includes our birthday banner, donuts for breakfast with a… Continue reading It Happens


I don't know about you, but there are some days where I just don't think I can make it through the day. Ever since Daylight Savings came to an end, I have been struggling.  Remind me why Daylight Savings is still a thing.  You would think that one hour would not impact your child or children's sleeping… Continue reading {De}stressed

A {real} Post-partum Story

I have a confession. I have been treated for post-partum depression and anxiety following each of my deliveries.  I suspected I would be at risk based on my medical history, but still, I was not prepared. There is an abundance of information surrounding expectant moms related to pregnancy and labor.  But, often times no one talks about what happens after.… Continue reading A {real} Post-partum Story

Check It

I am pretty sure that my children believe me to be a "maid to order" service.  Someone who crafts individualized daily meal plans that allows food to magically appear on their plates; the paranormal occurrence of clean clothes turning up  in their dressers.  I am confident that they believe my sole purpose in life is… Continue reading Check It

Apocalypse Now

I love the mornings with my babes.  Someone is usually up before sunrise.  My initial thought is: "Get your {butt} back to bed!" But, then I hear a little voice that says: "Can I snuggle you?" And I just melt. Our mornings are spent nuzzled upon a pyramid of pillows and blankies.  Each sibling cuddles the next.… Continue reading Apocalypse Now

Wrongin’ to Right

Everyday that I am with my little people I wonder how I am doing as a parent.  Am I instilling the values I want to instill?  Am I teaching them to be faithful, obedient, compassionate, strong and flexible?  I have no idea. I know that today I failed my daughter.  Getting ready for school she… Continue reading Wrongin’ to Right