Another {real} Love Letter

My dearest #3, In just a few short days you will be turning five.  This year, your birthday is hitting me hard.  Harder than any other birthday, any other year.  I am not sure why. I don't know where your infant or toddler years went.  I remember telling myself to be present with your tiny… Continue reading Another {real} Love Letter

Light It Up

When you have kids things tend to break.  Shocking, I know. Our furniture is outdated and overused, but I cannot bring myself to replace it at this juncture in life.  I am one hundred and twenty percent sure that one of our five munchkins will mark up anything new with sharpies, scissors or glittery glue.… Continue reading Light It Up

Golden Era

I have spent near a decade either birthing babies or breastfeeding them.  I have been pregnant so many times that I am not sure if my mismatched food combinations and tendencies toward irritability are from hormone level fluctuations or my actual personality.  I have not had my body to myself in enough years that I still think twice before taking… Continue reading Golden Era

Parenting Pitfalls

The more years that pass, the more I am reminded that my words can heal or hurt my children's tender spirits. The kids ask a question.  As simple as: "Why does it rain?" to a little more complex: "Why can't I talk to strangers?" I give a fly by my seat answer: "because the trees are… Continue reading Parenting Pitfalls

{Un}Sweet{ened} Dreams

I have been putting kids to bed for nearly the last decade. I have developed a pretty efficient night time routine {in theory}.  There's the mandated quiet time that prefaces bedtime {because if you can just get them to sit still, they will fall asleep.  Foreshadowing: they know that}. Then, the usual: teeth brushing, {bath… Continue reading {Un}Sweet{ened} Dreams

Trolstice: Trauma or Treasure

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS I cannot tell you the number of times I have watched a "kid's movie" with my kids and wondered how it received a G or even PG rating.  There are those that have emotionally complex story lines {think Inside Out} subtle violence {think Tangled and that frying pan} or adult humor {think Deadpool.  Kidding;… Continue reading Trolstice: Trauma or Treasure

Wrongin’ to Right

Everyday that I am with my little people I wonder how I am doing as a parent.  Am I instilling the values I want to instill?  Am I teaching them to be faithful, obedient, compassionate, strong and flexible?  I have no idea. I know that today I failed my daughter.  Getting ready for school she… Continue reading Wrongin’ to Right

Sunday Funday?

I always dread Sundays.  It is the day before Monday.  'nuff said. But, I try to make them relaxing, enjoyable yet productive days for the fam.  Start it off with a big breakfast usually consisting of eggs, breakfast meat, biscuits and if I am really fancy, fruit.  Then, get some laundry done.  And if I… Continue reading Sunday Funday?

For Reals. Against all the social media perfection. Against all those completing the perfect Pinterest projects. Against all those with the ‘charmed’ life. Perfect homes, perfect families, perfect vacations, perfect finances, perfect relationships. I am sure it is not a grand idea to start a blog with a negative, but I did. I am a wife… Continue reading For Reals.