#kindnessmatters Announcement!

  The Woven Moon and myself have decided to expand upon the #stophate campaign and prove #kindnessmatters!   So, let me bring y'all up to speed on what we have been working so diligently and excitedly on! #kindnessmatters T-shirts for kids! What color t-shirts will be available? Light gray with black lettering Black with white lettering … Continue reading #kindnessmatters Announcement!

Mommy Wars

*WARNING: The following contains controversial topics of conversation.  Proceed at own risk of being offended.   There are many different parenting styles, philosophies on child-rearing and all kinds of moms out there: crunchy, attachment, helicopter, working outside the home, stay at home, breast-feeding, bottle-feeding, Pinterest-y, Pinterest failing , pro-vacciners and anti-vaxxers...the list goes on.  We seem to … Continue reading Mommy Wars