Disclosure Policy

I think I am supposed to have a disclosure policy in relation to affiliate links.

So, here it is.

I am not being compensated to provide opinions on products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are legit my own.

I simply share what I am already buying or researching on this blog for all y’all to check out if you are interested.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you happen to purchase from the link in my blog post or click on an Amazon banner on one of my pages and then buy something you were already going to get I am compensated on the sale and will do an actual happy dance. It does NOT affect your pricing.

Amazon is just sharing the profits with me.

Since I am already on Amazon and buying these things, and inevitably blogging about them, I figured why not sign up for a link.

So, here we are in a win-win situation.

Now, let’s talk Rebel Beauty disclosures.

I am what you might call a Younique presenter. I signed up because I use the products and I would rather not pay full price for them. I also like the idea of potentially earning some extra cash-ola.

Just sayin’.

Skin care and make up bring me joy, so much so, that I hashtag Rebel Beauty. I like to talk skin, makeup, hair, “fashion,” and all things seemingly beauty related in my stories.

Hashtag sharing is caring.

Occasionally, I will go LIVE on Facebook and do a faux make up tutorial as I like to pretend I am fancy and also enjoy talking to myself in a public forum.

Insert sarcasm, because I love the possibility of connecting with you in real time.

If you use the products or like what you see, feel free to use my link to shop.

Enter linktree.

If you do use my link to shop and have any questions about the site or products including color matching for foundations, BB cream, etc, I can help you!

If you like a lot of product for a little cost, purchase the Beauty Box. Technically, you are also joining Younique by doing this.

However, you do not have to sell products just because you grabbed the kit. Hashtag kit-napped.

If you do want the business potential, I am part of a wonderful team that is committed to building relationships and helping its members grow personally and professionally. 💚 Hashtag Llama Lashes.

In summation: thank you for your support! It means EVERYTHING to me!