#kindnessmatters Announcement!

rebel housewife (14)


The Woven Moon and myself have decided to expand upon the #stophate campaign and prove #kindnessmatters!  

So, let me bring y’all up to speed on what we have been working so diligently and excitedly on!

#kindnessmatters T-shirts for kids!

What color t-shirts will be available?

  • Light gray with black lettering
  • Black with white lettering
  • Dark Purple with white lettering
  • Royal Blue with white lettering
  • White onesies for infants with black lettering

What sizes will be available?

  • Onesies: newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, and 18 month sizing available!  Onesies will be available in white only.
  • All other shirts will be available in: 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, youth small, medium, large and extra large.
  • AKA pretty much any and every size a child wears!

Where will these proceeds be donated?

The Megan Meier Foundation

Megan’s Story.

2006.  Megan was led to believe that a boy she had a crush on via MySpace was bullying her.  She committed suicide at the age of 14.  Following this tragedy, it was discovered that in fact a grown woman had created the fictitious profile and had been the perpetrator.

Megan’s mother turned an unimaginable tragedy into an inspiring foundation that fights against cyberbullying and bullying.

Let’s support her efforts.

You can find more information on the foundation here.

Cost of T-shirts

All onesies and T-shirts will be $12 with $5.25 being donated to The Megan Meier Foundation.

Donations will be made on a monthly basis and confirmation will be posted on the Rebel Housewife Facebook page!  Make sure to follow me over there!

How can I order a shirt?

Click here to pre-order your shirt!  Shirts will be available beginning September 28!

There will also be links on the blog:

Prove #kindnessmatters

On my Facebook page

The Woven Moon Etsy shop

Is there a giveaway?

You bet!!  For ONE week we will have an open giveaway!

How to enter? 

You know the drill:

  • Like REBEL HOUSEWIFE on Facebook
  • Like THE WOVEN MOON on Facebook
  • LIKE the Giveaway post
  • Comment on the post with the size and color shirt you would like if your name is drawn!

No one is born with hate in their heart.  Let’s end the idea that we have to grow up bitter, angry, and jaded.  Let’s stop perpetuating the notion:

“That’s just how it is.”

Let’s teach our younger generation that their voices count.

Because they do.

That their kindness matters.

Because it does.









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