A Few More of My Favorite Things

I recently received an email from the Amazon affiliate program stating that my links weren’t being used enough, and that I have 90 days to up their usage or my account will close.

First of all, thanks for the update, Amazon. If my account closes I am quite certain I will move on but I usually don’t go down without a fight so my second of all is a completely separate thought process and coincidental blog post that I thought I would share a few of the things bringing me joy as of late and link them for you on Amazon.

Here we go.


Aussie dry shampoo– it actually works for my hair. It does leave a white residue so you gotta rub it in but it add both texture to my hair and soaks up any day 4 hair grease that has accumulated.

SunBum leave in conditioner– smells like summer, works like a charm. Even in my girls’ hairs that are usually a tangled mess. SWOON.

Herbivore Natural Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray – smells like the beach, feels like the beach, and makes my hair as perfectly piece-y as I want it.

Wet Brush detangler– glides through your hair like buttah and it is better at getting through knots than the average wet brush.

Dermaplaning razors- These do not knick your face and remove every bit of peach fuzz and whisker out there.

Eco tools blending buds– dense and flexible.


Reading/anti-blue light glasses– the opthamologist told me I need reading glasses. We currently are not on speaking terms, but these do the trick. One for home, one for office. The anti blue light also really helps with my headaches, so I’m here for it.

Ballet flats– get asked about these often- comfortable, cute, and cheap! My favorite c-words. Oh, and I would size up one.


Terro fruit fly trap– honestly a MUST have it has saved me bottles of vinegar trying to catch those suckers in the summer.

And that’s all I have for know, folks.

Pay no mind to this post if you do not like affiliate links or the idea of bringing more ish into your home. I’m just responding to the email ultimatum I received; NBD.

But, if you are in the market for any of these goodies, these are my tried and true ride or dies. And I firmly advocate for the fruit fly traps.

Also, if you are looking for something specific, let me know and I can get you a link to save my Amazon affiliation.

No pressure.

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