Scissors and Sharpies

My darlings always want to cut things. And brand things. "Who drew on the wall?" followed by "Who cut up this book?" [sorry library] become daily questions. "Not me," they always say. Word to the wise: if you don't want to be blamed, children, then don't autograph your art. Needless to say we have disposed … Continue reading Scissors and Sharpies


  There was a time where I followed all the mommy-group guidelines verbatim. Like, you gotta nurse for at least 12 months.  I desperately hoped to make it to a year, but my body just wouldn't agree.  The thought of giving them formula was pure torture. They told us to put them to sleep when they … Continue reading Times-a-changin’

Where We Are

My children will usually have simultaneous tantrums.  It's like dominoes; they set each other off and down we go.  Melt-downs range from fighting for candy at breakfast to late night video game rendezvous. During these times I have an internal battle: cave and get some {momentary} silence or adamantly maintain my stance and teach them … Continue reading Where We Are

Note{s} to Self

I find myself on repeat a lot.  And shockingly, I keep getting the same results.  I keep thinking this will be the one time it is different; where the cause and effect phenomenon will not hold true.  Apparently, that is a sign of insanity.  Momma is gonna take back her sanity and try a little … Continue reading Note{s} to Self

{Un}Sweet{ened} Dreams

I have been putting kids to bed for nearly the last decade. I have developed a pretty efficient night time routine {in theory}.  There's the mandated quiet time that prefaces bedtime {because if you can just get them to sit still, they will fall asleep.  Foreshadowing: they know that}. Then, the usual: teeth brushing, {bath … Continue reading {Un}Sweet{ened} Dreams