Sunday Funday?

I always dread Sundays.  It is the day before Monday.  ’nuff said.

But, I try to make them relaxing, enjoyable yet productive days for the fam.  Start it off with a big breakfast usually consisting of eggs, breakfast meat, biscuits and if I am really fancy, fruit.  Then, get some laundry done.  And if I am really on top of it, homework, meal planning and grocery store!

Usually, I get one load of laundry into the dryer and keep drying it because I am pretty sure it stays damp for 3 dry time cycles.  I also usually have a load in the washer.  So, by the end of the day, one of my lucky seven will have clean underwear, shirts and socks.  Everyone else will have to wait until my next day off for the same luxuries.

Meal planning is eh.  Some kind of sandwich one night, some kind of microwavable meal, pasta dish, stove top dinner which usually includes either chicken breasts or ground beef, and a frozen meal.  Sides are usually salad, soup, canned veggie, and frozen fries.  This, ladies and gentleman, is the meal planning of the working mom of 6 {husband included}.  Luckily, I have a husband who is flexible and as long as I have included a meat of some sort, he’s happy.  So any rice and bean recipe suggestions are out.  As is “vegetarian chili.”  Problem is I am not a fan of meat and neither is my oldest so I have had to be clever in how I incorporate “vegetarian” into the meat lover’s dinner.  Latest idea: spaghetti and {frozen} meatballs.  He gets his meat and I don’t have to try to pick ground beef out of my {canned} marinara sauce.  Now, I have started watching the food network, so I think that counts as far as making an effort to expand our menu.  My to- do list includes actually cooking something from The Pioneer Woman.  It looks simple enough and always delicious, just never makes it from my list to my stove.  I digress.

My point is, Sunday Funday usually is Sunday “get your life together before Monday” day.

Case and point: Today, I put away two loads of laundry {one was from all the clothes that coated the living room floor}, one load is in the dryer and one is in the washer.  Pretty sure it will stay that way.

We have watched Rudolph and Elf on the Shelf, tried and failed at nap time and “cooked”.  Today’s menu consisted of frozen french toast sticks for breakfast {from Aldi and pretty darn tasty!}.  Followed by PB&J and hard boiled eggs- which kids had to peel so they ended up looking like hard boiled poke cake.  At this point, it looks like dinner will consist of leftover Thanksgiving dinner, which is pretty much stuffing and green bean casserole. Sorry, but enough cooking was had on Turkey day.

It is 3:30 pm, and my two sons are running circles {one is laughing and one is screaming} around the living room.   They finally stop and my 3 year old decides that he needs an apple, but cannot wash it without gloves on.

Homework: fail.

Meal planning: fail

laundry: decent

grocery store: you are kidding me

dinner: fend for yourselves.

But, I may end up surprising myself and get something else done!  Happy Sunday Funday all!

In case you didn’t believe me about the eggs and gloves.  Note: dishes are caught up!



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