Idle of Despair

"There are some things people don't deserve to know about you." Said with love from my honey and rolling around in my brain for months. I have debated discussing this topic. It's been written in my head a dozen times. I have jotted down the gist on multiple occasions. Each time, I have scratched it… Continue reading Idle of Despair

Light It Up

When you have kids things tend to break.  Shocking, I know. Our furniture is outdated and overused, but I cannot bring myself to replace it at this juncture in life.  I am one hundred and twenty percent sure that one of our five munchkins will mark up anything new with sharpies, scissors or glittery glue.… Continue reading Light It Up

Oops, I Did It Again

Damn it, y'all {and no, I am not southern, but the twang has a certain ring to a writer} this political biz-niss is making it real hard for a midwest blogger to keep quiet.   Donald Trump.  Woah, who just got angry from reading that first line?  But, if we are going to be fair,… Continue reading Oops, I Did It Again

Open Arms

I am not one who particularly enjoys posting on a 'hot to trot' topic like the ones currently trending on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; but I feel that I have no choice given the hatred being spewed in oh- so -many directions. There are some days where I just want to ignore the news outlets… Continue reading Open Arms

It Happens

My oldest daughter recently had a birthday.  And by recently I mean yesterday. Birthdays are pretty low key around here, but I do strive to make them memorable.   We aren't big on loud celebrations; just an understated, albeit constant, acknowledgement of their birth.  It usually includes our birthday banner, donuts for breakfast with a… Continue reading It Happens

Apocalypse Now

I love the mornings with my babes.  Someone is usually up before sunrise.  My initial thought is: "Get your {butt} back to bed!" But, then I hear a little voice that says: "Can I snuggle you?" And I just melt. Our mornings are spent nuzzled upon a pyramid of pillows and blankies.  Each sibling cuddles the next.… Continue reading Apocalypse Now

Blog Posts That Consist of Lists and Have the Subject Matter in the Title Get Shared More Often: {bogus} Study Finds.

My news feed is full of {shared} articles consisting of lists.  Systematic procedures encouraging unsuspecting readers to be better; better at wife-ing, mother-ing, parent-ing, career-ing, exercise-ing, cook-ing--anything and everything.  Don't get me wrong, I have found some valuable advice and thought provoking ideas among these posts.  However, I have found that they are missing some… Continue reading Blog Posts That Consist of Lists and Have the Subject Matter in the Title Get Shared More Often: {bogus} Study Finds.

Making {Me Crazy} Memories

I am a family tradition fanatic.  I always have grandiose ideas of what we will be doing on special occasions and then I am hit with the reality that I have five kids, someone is always sick, momma's spent and nothing ever seems to go according to plan.  But, that's another blog. We have our… Continue reading Making {Me Crazy} Memories

Shaft-ed, but not Forgotten

There's a guy who walks by my side day in and day out.  The stresses of daily living easily take their toll.  We spend most of our time parenting little people.  And by parenting, I mean acting as referee.  Most of our day is spent yelling, er, saying: "Stop fighting!" "{S}he was playing with that first.… Continue reading Shaft-ed, but not Forgotten


I love my kids.  A lot.  Dare I say "too much" {if that's a thing}.  I am amazed by all of their sweet little features.  I am in awe of their beautiful personalities.  There isn't anything I wouldn't do for them.  I want to give them the world.  {insert favorite cliches regarding motherhood here}.  A few… Continue reading Hatchamable-gate