I love my kids.  A lot.  Dare I say “too much” {if that’s a thing}.  I am amazed by all of their sweet little features.  I am in awe of their beautiful personalities.  There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them.  I want to give them the world.  {insert favorite cliches regarding motherhood here}.  A few weeks ago, my daughter came to me and made her first ‘Christmas list’ wish.  And I had to face a horrific fact.  I will not, in fact, do anything. {insert gasps here}.

Daughter: I really want a hatchamable.

Me: A hatcha-ma-what?

Daughter: Ha-tcha-ma-bull

Me: what is that?

Daughter: {indecipherable excitement filled description} I will take care of it forever, mom.

Woah.  Okay, this is a serious request.

I proceed to spend the next 10 minutes googling “hatchamable“.  I cannot find hatchamable.  My search returns hatchimal.

Me: Hatchimal?

Daughter: No, a hatchamable.

She seems confident.  This {heated} debate goes on for another 10 minutes.

Me: honey, there isn’t a hatchamable.  But, there are Hatchimals.  {show said daughter picture}.

Daugther: Yea, that’s it!


Success.  We have found prized possession.  We proceed to watch a video of what these little doo-hickies are capable of doing.

For those of  you not familiar, a Hatchimal is a dinosaur appearing egg that has a creature inside of it.  You care for the egg: hold it and keep it warm, and it will then {at some mysterious point in life} hatch.  Out comes a Hatchimal.  You then care for this -not- quite -owl- not quite- unicorn- not quite penguin- robotic- creature- pet through its baby, toddler, child, and {I’m guessing} teen years.  {think modern day, 4D Tamagotchi}.

How progressive {not to mention optimistic} to think that a child will remain interested in one toy for longer than 37.3 minutes.

Me: that looks {weird} cool!

Daughter: It is!

I go to my handy dandy Amazon account and search Hatchimal.  Up it comes… $400.  Say what?!

Me: So, this is what you want for Christmas, huh?

Daughter: Yup!  You can get it at Toys ‘r us online and Spinmaster

Me: {amazed by daughter’s apparent research, I proceed to these sites}

Up they come… $49.99, regularly $59.99.  Weird.

Out of stock.  Everywhere.  Well of course a tenth of the price, generic version goes quick {my naivety is cute, right?}

I figure parents are settling for an almost Hatchimal because I cannot fathom a reason why they are so much cheaper.  Like a true ‘first time Christmas wish list’ mom, I discover that people are actually price gouging these things.  Rude.  Way to live the spirit of the holidays people.

Because I adore my daughter, I will continue to stalk the online sites and stores for the “it” Christmas toy of 2016.  I desperately hope to find it at it’s marketed price; but that’s as far as I will go.

So, there you have it.  My limit.  I would love to see my daughter’s face light up on Christmas morning when she opens up a box and it is her treasured Hatchimal.  But, momma’s gotta pay a mortgage.



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