I should call this blog: "Six months on, six months off" My love for writing is never ending, but my fear of vulnerability is overwhelming.  I've been told repeatedly that in order for this blog to grow I need find my "niche." An incessant people pleaser, I've come on here and tried to find a … Continue reading Niche-less

Apples and Oranges

I had never heard of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale until this year.  Probably because I was never really on Instagram before and it seems to be all that the fashion bloggers are talking about.   Now, I will be the first to admit that I foolishly thought a sale meant discounted prices.  Not so.  I … Continue reading Apples and Oranges


I love my kids.  A lot.  Dare I say "too much" {if that's a thing}.  I am amazed by all of their sweet little features.  I am in awe of their beautiful personalities.  There isn't anything I wouldn't do for them.  I want to give them the world.  {insert favorite cliches regarding motherhood here}.  A few … Continue reading Hatchamable-gate