Baby Registry Rip-offs

There have been quite a few changes to baby items since I had my first nearly a decade ago.  During that time, several gimmicks have hit the market.  I have been conned into believing I needed some of the most overrated items.  So, what is a seasoned momma to do when she realizes she has… Continue reading Baby Registry Rip-offs

Damn it, Donald

Dear Mr. President, I like to think of myself as an understanding and compassionate individual. I try to be fair when looking at a controversial situation; I truly want to see the other side.  To have an understanding of what has prompted a given response.  But, you sir, are making it extremely difficult to extend… Continue reading Damn it, Donald

Apples and Oranges

I had never heard of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale until this year.  Probably because I was never really on Instagram before and it seems to be all that the fashion bloggers are talking about.   Now, I will be the first to admit that I foolishly thought a sale meant discounted prices.  Not so.  I… Continue reading Apples and Oranges

{a few of} My Favorite Things

I frequently find myself ranting and raving about product discoveries so I figured I would condense them here and share my excitement in a blog; what else is a 21st century momma to do {read: I am caving to social media conformity and making a list}. My life has been changed by a few simple… Continue reading {a few of} My Favorite Things

Zootopia: A Cinematic Gem

As I mentioned here, finding a family movie can be challenging.  Ratings are helpful, but in my book, not always accurate.  I don't know about you, but some of these flicks teach a lesson that I am not excited for my children to learn. For instance Beauty and the Beast. As a child, I loved Belle's… Continue reading Zootopia: A Cinematic Gem

This is {amazing}

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS {I THINK} It is rare that I am able to sit down and watch television.  Unless it it PJ Mask or The Lion Guard; which let's be honest, sometimes that is the best thing on.  You know that television is really lacking in quality when you finally get all the kids to… Continue reading This is {amazing}

Westworld-ly Glorious

WARNING: COULD BE CONSIDERED TO CONTAIN SPOILERS My husband and I love the entertainment industry.  Television and movies... it is our thing.  But, we have opposite taste in these things.  He is more of an 80's action-Rambo-all the Texas Chainsaw remakes kinda guy and I am more of the A Few Good Men - make me… Continue reading Westworld-ly Glorious


I love my kids.  A lot.  Dare I say "too much" {if that's a thing}.  I am amazed by all of their sweet little features.  I am in awe of their beautiful personalities.  There isn't anything I wouldn't do for them.  I want to give them the world.  {insert favorite cliches regarding motherhood here}.  A few… Continue reading Hatchamable-gate

Trolstice: Trauma or Treasure

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS I cannot tell you the number of times I have watched a "kid's movie" with my kids and wondered how it received a G or even PG rating.  There are those that have emotionally complex story lines {think Inside Out} subtle violence {think Tangled and that frying pan} or adult humor {think Deadpool.  Kidding;… Continue reading Trolstice: Trauma or Treasure

The New Mullet

I was recently introduced to Lularoe.  When it started I just wanted to help a friend earn some rewards at a party.  I thought, "I like leggings so I'll just get a pair to wear around the house."  And ERMAGHERD...obsessed.  Now, if you are anti-Lularoe, I lost you already.  But, hang with me, if you… Continue reading The New Mullet