{a few of} My Favorite Things

I frequently find myself ranting and raving about product discoveries so I figured I would condense them here and share my excitement in a blog; what else is a 21st century momma to do {read: I am caving to social media conformity and making a list}. My life has been changed by a few simple items {possible over exaggeration, but I do love me my finds}.  If you know me in real life, then you will see this coming; I have likely bombarded you with said information.  But, now you don’t have to perform a google search.  You are welcome.

Bluetooth wireless picture remote  

You know how we all have that not posed and totally candid picture that we post on social media {reference my Instagram feed}.  Well, this little gadget will make those shots even easier to stage, er…catch.  It really is the best invention ever.  I purchased this one for a couple bucks and have enjoyed it immensely; as have my kiddos.  We can gather together, be silly, take pics and not have to worry about our arms being too short or heads being chopped off.  Add a tripod to hold your phone and voila– family portrait sans photographer.  My children are suddenly all smiles with the camera since they can take turns pressing the button.  It works with Android and iOS by connecting via bluetooth.  Well worth the quarters spent here.

Best sports bra ever

If you have breastfed any children, let alone five, then you know why a well supported sports bra is necessary.  The song Do Your “Ears” Hang Low has new meaning.  You are welcome for that visual.  Moving on.

This sports bra holds everything in place.  I can do all my yoga poses and even run up and down the stairs without being hit in the face {humming} Do your “ears” hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie em in a knot, can you tie em in a bow…I digress.

I purchased mine from Kohl’s where there are always % off coupons so wait for that fabulous coupon and pay less for this gem.

Yoga with Adriene

I am a yoga fanatic.  I am not at all talented in that arena, but something about it centers me.  I have always felt meditation helps my anxiety and having someone talk me through guided imagery is day altering.  Enter Adriene.  All I can say is she is amazing.  She is on YouTube.  She has 10 min quick morning sessions, 30 day programs.  All free.  All at home.  All you need is an internet connection, a blanket, and 10-30 minutes of time.

Amazon Prime 

Going to the store with kids “real quick” for “just a few items” is not a plausible scenario in my life any more.  Not only do I live 25 minutes from the nearest Walmart {and I would rather tweeze my arm hairs one by one than go to Walmart} and 45 minutes from a Target, plus I have five kids; ‘nough said.  I have heard a lot about Amazon Prime over the years, but never wanted to pay for it.  However, now they offer monthly payments and ship Prime eligible products {including pantry items} to your door within two days for free.


2 days seems to be 2 business days.  Typically ordering on a Saturday or Sunday and my item will arrive by Wednesday.

1- click purchase is extremely dangerous.  You put a card on file and shipping address is stored.  You can literally click a button and it will arrive to your door.  I am not always a responsible online shopper; I had to disable this option because I got a little too carried away, so just fair warning.

I justify the monthly payment with the money I save in gas driving to any store; coupled with the amount of money I save on therapy maintaining my sanity by not juggling kids, shopping and checking out is priceless.

Water infuser

Not to be confused with water diffuser as I learned it is not called upon searching the link for this item.  I love caffeine, but not being hydrated provokes palpitations and therefore my hypochondriac self into high gear.  I heard about this infuser option and had to try it.  However, there were so many infusers on the shelves, I didn’t know which to purchase.  I just grabbed whatever wasn’t expensive and wasn’t glass; turns out I loved it.  Any fruit {or veggie} goes in the bottom, water on the top and somehow you end up drinking raspberry- orange flavored water…so refreshing and delicious.  Just be sure to clean it after using, you really can’t save the water for tomorrow, because the fruit will mold {from personal experience}.  So, I have it on my list to get another one.

Hope you find joy in these items just like I did.  I would apologize to your budget, but these items really won’t break the bank.

Happy shopping, readers!

*click the underlined/blue titles for product site!


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