{a few of} My Favorite Things

I frequently find myself ranting and raving about product discoveries so I figured I would condense them here and share my excitement in a blog; what else is a 21st century momma to do {read: I am caving to social media conformity and making a list}. My life has been changed by a few simple … Continue reading {a few of} My Favorite Things

Zootopia: A Cinematic Gem

As I mentioned here, finding a family movie can be challenging.  Ratings are helpful, but in my book, not always accurate.  I don't know about you, but some of these flicks teach a lesson that I am not excited for my children to learn. For instance Beauty and the Beast. As a child, I loved Belle's … Continue reading Zootopia: A Cinematic Gem

Westworld-ly Glorious

WARNING: COULD BE CONSIDERED TO CONTAIN SPOILERS My husband and I love the entertainment industry.  Television and movies... it is our thing.  But, we have opposite taste in these things.  He is more of an 80's action-Rambo-all the Texas Chainsaw remakes kinda guy and I am more of the A Few Good Men - make me … Continue reading Westworld-ly Glorious