Milo Monday-Vision

It’s been a while but I’ve been digging the entertainment industry lately. Or at least enjoying watching television again.

It seems like Hollywood went through this dry spell for a few years and everything I turned on was meh. It just fell flat and I wasn’t excited about a new episode or movie trailer being released.

But also, all episodes were released at the same time and I’m not sure how I feel about that binge encouraging mindset.

Actually, I think I hate it.

I think I like anticipating a new show for a new week and I’m just now getting that again with these shows and also with one movie that I lost my shit over this past weekend, so let’s discuss.

The Greatest Showman. Y’all I’m five years late on this bandwagon and I have tears in my eyes as I have the soundtrack blaring right now while I write this and relive the vibe that movie gave me.

Have you seen it? If you haven’t stop reading this right now and go turn on Disney+ and watch it. I mean pay for a Disney+ subscription just to see this movie because it’s that good.

First of all. I’m obsessed with Zendaya. And Zac Efron. They are yum. I’m also obsessed with people who can dance and with soundtracks that provoke goosebumps and holy fucking shit the dancing and musical score are out of this world. And also why are Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams so talented. Like I can barely put one foot in front of the other without falling down and here they are twisting and twirling thousands of feet off the ground.

And the story. That’s the best part. Now this is supposedly based on P.T Barnum from like the 1800s. Not to be cynical but I hiiiiighly doubt Mr. Barnum was a progressive man and actually saw the humanity in those that society looked down upon.

I feel like the actual story is probably more about exploitation that humanitarianism but I want the story to be what The Greatest Showman says it is. I want to live in that world. So instead I think that The Greatest Showman is set in the 1800s but the ideals that it portrays are on par with the 21st century and I’m just glad they put it into the world.

Euphoria. Back to my obsession with Zendaya. It started with this show. Its on HBO Max. It’s basically a teenage modern day version of Game of Thrones. Like from the wars to the incest to the violence so if you don’t like graphic shit, stay away from it.

It’s intense I’m not gonna lie.

But also I call bullshit on the fact that this is a story about high school struggles. Unless high school has really morphed into even more of an actual nightmare in the last 20 years which I guess it could have but also if you tell me that’s how high school is now-a-days, my kids ain’t going.

I digress.

Ok, what do I love about Euphoria? Did I mention Zendaya. I think her acting is actually beyond incredible and I just love watching a good actor. Also, I kind of like the twisted messy maze its creating with its characters.

It’s intriguing.

Also they talk about mental illness. And when they do, it is in a way that I’m like “holy fucking shit, finally someone got it right.

The Umbrella Academy. A Netflix treasure. A combination of superheroes and messy humans.

And Klaus.

Need I say more? If you’ve seen the show you know that I don’t. If you haven’t, turn it on and be prepared to develop an obsession with Klaus.

Also, I may have an obsessive personality.

Anyway. It has all the elements you’d want in a dark-ish, fantastical, time traveling, superpowers, superhero dramedy.

It is a pretty twisted ride so I don’t know if I can break it down any more than that but if you like any of the aforementioned type of shows, give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

This Is Us. Of course I had to mention this one. I fucking love this show. I love the acting and the writing and it’s just so incredible that I can hardly stand it.

I walk away every single week thinking,

goddammit they did it again.”

Now this is the final seaason so I’m skeptical on how they are gonna wrap up five years of anticipation into like what, 15 episodes. But if anyone can do it with any quality then I know my This Is Us writers can.

Typically I have waited until the season was over and then mentally prepared myself for all the heaviness and reality that this show tends to bring and then binge watch it over the course of a few days. This year I decided to take it in one episode at a time.

Absorb it.

Enjoy it for what it is and live with some anticipation. And I’m glad I did. It’s just a story of a family’s life. That is it.

And I cannot express enough how much I love that it’s just their simple life story through the years and not some extravagant, you know The Greatest Showman, type ending. Because life doesn’t always end with loose ends tied up and everyone finding their happily ever after.

And I love a show that let’s that be true while still finding a way to be poignant and on point.

So there you have it. A few goodies for your viewing pleasure.

What has gotten your entertainment-palette wet lately?

Speaking of wet palletes…

Happy Monday, everyone!

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