Westworld-ly Glorious


My husband and I love the entertainment industry.  Television and movies… it is our thing.  But, we have opposite taste in these things.  He is more of an 80’s action-Rambo-all the Texas Chainsaw remakes kinda guy and I am more of the A Few Good Men – make me laugh- Christmas Vacation kinda gal.  Can you imagine how challenging it is to come across a RockyMoney Pit combo?  We have found things that mildly float boat and than we have found shows that floor us both.

Enter Westworld.  HBO, Sunday 8 pm cst.

If you have not yet seen this show, reconsider.

The premise.  It is based on a movie of the same name.  Set in a time where “guests” {mostly wealthy individuals, I assume} can enter an Old West arena where there are “hosts” {robots} that help them live out their {grim} fantasies.  The guests can do whatever they fancy to the hosts; the hosts cannot hurt the guests.  At least that’s the official party line.

The acting.  Indescribably amazing.  The actors who play hosts flip back and forth between “analysis mode” {robot mode} and human mode flawlessly.  Evan Rachel Wood plays her character with seamless perfection.  One moment she is a vulnerable ‘damsel in distress’, the next she is ‘kicking {you know what} and taking names’, then analysis mode, then sweet, southern girl…outstanding.  Not to mention: Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris…need I go on?  I would watch this small screen wonder just for the performances.

The story line.  I find it to be incredibly well told.  It has plenty of plot lines and does a great job answering all the burning questions it presents while raising new ones.  I have been satisfied with every.single.episode.  It leaves you wanting more.  If you are paying attention {or reading all the online recaps *me, cough, cough*}, you can probably guess the twists that are coming.  And yet, when they are revealed, you are still shocked and mystified.  Westworld raises complex questions about what it means to really be alive.   It is deep, y’all.

It has everything a Conan the Barbarian –  Titanic fan would appreciate.

The show has been renewed for a second season.  Only time will tell if it can maintain its awesomeness. But, season 1 did.  And, it is worth catching up on.


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