Common Misconceptions

The problem with a "trending topic" is that it is just that. It is suddenly every where. Saturating media outlets and news feeds for days. Our views become skewed. We believe that the world is ending. We share our deepest secrets. Our innermost demons. Our traumatic experiences. In depth. On public forums. In hopes of … Continue reading Common Misconceptions

Idle of Despair

"There are some things people don't deserve to know about you." Said with love from my honey and rolling around in my brain for months. I have debated discussing this topic. It's been written in my head a dozen times. I have jotted down the gist on multiple occasions. Each time, I have scratched it … Continue reading Idle of Despair

Light It Up

When you have kids things tend to break.  Shocking, I know. Our furniture is outdated and overused, but I cannot bring myself to replace it at this juncture in life.  I am one hundred and twenty percent sure that one of our five munchkins will mark up anything new with sharpies, scissors or glittery glue. … Continue reading Light It Up

Fade to Black

I {mostly} love being connected on social media.  Sure, it has its flaws, but everything does.  However, I must admit: I really thought I had my scrolling under control.  I would check in "real quick" when kiddos were preoccupied or while dinner was simmering.  Sneak in a quick update during commercial breaks.  I figured I … Continue reading Fade to Black

Oops, I Did It Again

Damn it, y'all {and no, I am not southern, but the twang has a certain ring to a writer} this political biz-niss is making it real hard for a midwest blogger to keep quiet.   Donald Trump.  Woah, who just got angry from reading that first line?  But, if we are going to be fair, … Continue reading Oops, I Did It Again

{a few of} My Favorite Things

I frequently find myself ranting and raving about product discoveries so I figured I would condense them here and share my excitement in a blog; what else is a 21st century momma to do {read: I am caving to social media conformity and making a list}. My life has been changed by a few simple … Continue reading {a few of} My Favorite Things

Making {Me Crazy} Memories

I am a family tradition fanatic.  I always have grandiose ideas of what we will be doing on special occasions and then I am hit with the reality that I have five kids, someone is always sick, momma's spent and nothing ever seems to go according to plan.  But, that's another blog. We have our … Continue reading Making {Me Crazy} Memories

Once Upon a Time

Dearest children of the 21st century, The story I am about to tell you is truly earth shattering.  Have a seat. Once upon a time...there was a world.  A  world I like to call B.F. And in this B{efore} F{acebook} world, believe it or not, we took pictures...on a camera...with a roll of film...that we couldn't … Continue reading Once Upon a Time

On-Point{less} Pins

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. Holiday crafts are my thing.  Gotta love a Snowman foot-print and a turkey made from my babes sweet hand-prints.  I have about 22 canvases of these completed crafts that may or may not be considered a "Pinterest fail".  Keepsake ornaments with the kids pictures placed perfectly among {cotton} snow … Continue reading On-Point{less} Pins