Apples and Oranges

I had never heard of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale until this year.  Probably because I was never really on Instagram before and it seems to be all that the fashion bloggers are talking about.  

Now, I will be the first to admit that I foolishly thought a sale meant discounted prices.  Not so.  I suppose $200 seems reasonable for a pair of pants that are regularly $600, but I like my clothes under $20 an item; ok actually an outfit.  I gather that Nordstrom clothing lasts for eternity, but I am pretty sure my kids will find ways to spill and slop on $150 jeans as easily as they will $17 jeans.  

Sure I am not the most fashionista of the bloggers, but I operate on a budget so I gotta make it work.  

Today is the last day of this faux-sale and that means that {sadly} tomorrow when I look longingly at Nordstroms site, everything will be at amounts that will make me gasp.  

In order to avoid the dreaded disappointment, I went ahead to my trusty Kohl’s site and found do-able, adorable, affordable alternatives.  

Who is excited…


 I find myself obsessed with this bell sleeve top from Nordstroms, but not the $40 price tag.  My handy dandy Kohl’s alternative looks pretty comparable!  Honestly, the LC collection at Kohl’s is hit or miss for me, so I also found this one!

I am not sure how $123.50 can be considered a deal on jeans although I find these ah-mazing.   Kohls had some that I find just as trendy but a fraction of the cost!

And then this cape/kimono/sweater deal.  So many heart eyes but also so many dollars.  I am obsessed with all things oversized sweaters/cardigans and I am pretty sure this and this and maybe this will be purchased by yours truly.

Kohls is always running sales, %off coupons, ways to earn Kohls cash to be used at a later date and a rewards card that turns dollars into points back into dollars.

Maybe I am comparing apples and oranges, but in the end, it is all fruit.

Oh, and if you follow my Instagram, you know to go check out Target ASAP!  Got my new favorite sandals there for $5.98.  

That’s right friends, 70% off and they wear the same as they do full price.

Nope, not an ad; just a friendly PSA to all my budget saavy shopper readers out there! 

 Happy shopping, readers!

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