Apples and Oranges

I had never heard of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale until this year.  Probably because I was never really on Instagram before and it seems to be all that the fashion bloggers are talking about.   Now, I will be the first to admit that I foolishly thought a sale meant discounted prices.  Not so.  I … Continue reading Apples and Oranges

Once Upon a Time

Dearest children of the 21st century, The story I am about to tell you is truly earth shattering.  Have a seat. Once upon a time...there was a world.  A  world I like to call B.F. And in this B{efore} F{acebook} world, believe it or not, we took pictures...on a camera...with a roll of film...that we couldn't … Continue reading Once Upon a Time

A {real} Birth Story

I am five deliveries into parenting.  I always had the exact same birth plan.  Nothing fancy or complicated: healthy baby, healthy mom.   I never cared how it happened but it was of utmost importance that it was respected and fulfilled. #1.  I went into labor naturally, water broke naturally.  Went to the hospital and … Continue reading A {real} Birth Story