Shaft-ed, but not Forgotten


There’s a guy who walks by my side day in and day out.  The stresses of daily living easily take their toll.  We spend most of our time parenting little people.  And by parenting, I mean acting as referee.  Most of our day is spent yelling, er, saying:

“Stop fighting!”

“{S}he was playing with that first.”

“Do NOT tackle your sister!”


“Stop chasing your brother!”

“Out of the pantry!  You JUST ate.”


I would say we parent together.  But there is more to our day than managing munchkins.  Enter my greatest nemesis: housework.

It takes 2 loads of a full dishwasher to empty our sink.  Paper products may be the environment’s enemy, but they might save this momma’s sanity.  The laundry is never-ending.  Five loads in and the hampers are still full.  Are clean clothes over-rated yet?  The meal preparation is {mostly} covered by yours truly.  Keeping up on Target runs, school work,  extra-curricular activities and bath time is a full time job in and of itself.  Mothers do a lot.  A majority of it goes unappreciated and unnoticed.  Even the most mundane tasks are important in maintaining law and order in our chaotic worlds. However, I think the parent that gets the bigger shaft…

…is dad {enter mad dad props}.

Fathers get tagged as baby-sitters, sleeper-inners, ‘the fun’ parent-ers, ‘the big gun’ disciplinarian-ers and non-diaper-changer-ers.

While some of it may or may not be true, it isn’t always fair to rag on dad.  And what is a 21st century momma to do when she wants to boast on her babe?  Blog.  Obviously.

My guy is the one who brings the calm when momma is losing her {insert expletive of choice here}.  Which, if I am gonna be real, is never.  Ok, pretty much constant.

He’s the one who tells the kids to respect what momma says; those are heavy words for little ears.

He helps them with their math problems while momma makes dinner.  And his patience far exceeds mine.

The kids gaze at him adoringly.  You can see their world pause with daddy cuddles.  After work snuggles bring joyful smiles to five precious faces.

He teaches them how to be strong and tender; to have a heart for forgiveness and compassion.  He sets the bar high for what our daughters should expect and models who our sons should be.

He selflessly sacrifices his body to provide for them.  Shows them the value in hard work.  I may carry the brunt of chores, but he generously bears the burden of the income.

He’s the one who tells bedtime stories {joyfully} on repeat; even when momma just wants to get everyone in bed.  And let me tell you, those eager ears perk right up to hear about Jack’s adventures.

They love flying kites together; they get their groove on when he plays them guitar.

He brings the love and teaches the lessons that only a father can.  What he does is meaningful and truly, he is irreplaceable.  I couldn’t make it through this parenthood journey without his shoulder to lean on.

Thank you for all you do, babe.

Shout-out to all the dads doing the same.

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