A {real} Post-partum Story

I have a confession. I have been treated for post-partum depression and anxiety following each of my deliveries.  I suspected I would be at risk based on my medical history, but still, I was not prepared. There is an abundance of information surrounding expectant moms related to pregnancy and labor.  But, often times no one talks about what happens after. … Continue reading A {real} Post-partum Story

Country Lovin’

I have always lived near civilization; retail stores minutes away.  I had pictured myself neighborhood living in a populated town where my kids could ride their bikes from dawn until dusk.  Which is strange because I am really not a 'people person'.  I like to think that I am friendly and welcoming but I cannot deny that … Continue reading Country Lovin’

Shaft-ed, but not Forgotten

There's a guy who walks by my side day in and day out.  The stresses of daily living easily take their toll.  We spend most of our time parenting little people.  And by parenting, I mean acting as referee.  Most of our day is spent yelling, er, saying: "Stop fighting!" "{S}he was playing with that first. … Continue reading Shaft-ed, but not Forgotten

Balancing Act

My definition of 'clean' has changed over the years.  There was a time where I would have thought 'clean' meant clean.  Now, I define it as: "an area where you can see some carpet and most of the trash is in a can" Case and point: this past weekend my kids took a container of sprinkles and … Continue reading Balancing Act

Where We Are

My children will usually have simultaneous tantrums.  It's like dominoes; they set each other off and down we go.  Melt-downs range from fighting for candy at breakfast to late night video game rendezvous. During these times I have an internal battle: cave and get some {momentary} silence or adamantly maintain my stance and teach them … Continue reading Where We Are