Oops, I Did It Again

Damn it, y’all {and no, I am not southern, but the twang has a certain ring to a writer} this political biz-niss is making it real hard for a midwest blogger to keep quiet.

Donald Trump.  Woah, who just got angry from reading that first line?

But, if we are going to be fair, which is what this blog promotes, then we have to look at all sides.  So, Donald Trump.  I listened to his televised statements.  In all fairness, he did condemn the violence.  However, I have noticed, and perhaps you did too, that his words of condemnation were not taken as such.

In my opinion, he doesnt know how to speak to the public.

In my opinion, he doesnt know how to calm a storm.

In my opinion, he should stop tweeting from his personal Twitter account.

But, in all fairness, {again, the shtick of this blog} this is his first year on the job.  And how long did it take any of us to become proficient in our fields?  Whoops, who is mad now?  I get he is the leader of the Free World and maybe a grace- period- learning -curve doesn’t apply here; which brings me to my second point.

Stop bringing attention to the extremisists.  Not to brag, but I know a lot of people.  And of all the people I know, not.one.single.person. condones hatred or violence in the name of, well, anything.  Not one.

Every time we share a tweet, image, or message from some quack extremist it just fuels the fire.  To be fair {see the theme?}, the headline:

Another Group in the United States is Being Nice.”

doesn’t sell stories.

The current headlines sell.

Let’s stop being part of that narrative.

You need an image to share on your newsfeed?

Here’s one: {Christians surrounding Muslims in prayer in Egypt circa 2011}:

And another {in my opinion, arguably the most important message of all time}:

We are unintentionally giving a voice to hate every time we share a major news network headline or story.

Our voices matter.

Kindness matters.

Love trumps hate.  {Pun intended}

Anger will be met with anger {as evidenced by reality}.  Therefore, it stands to reason that compassion will be met with compassion.

Be kind.

Be compassionate.

Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Go.  BE it.

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