The New Mullet

I was recently introduced to Lularoe.  When it started I just wanted to help a friend earn some rewards at a party.  I thought, “I like leggings so I’ll just get a pair to wear around the house.”  And ERMAGHERD…obsessed.  Now, if you are anti-Lularoe, I lost you already.  But, hang with me, if you can, for my point.

They are comfy.  Not just pajama comfy.  They are ‘in your pajamas, getting a massage, being fed champagne and chocolate in front of a fire’ comfy.  I mean the buttery soft leggings are even softer than butter.  And you don’t feel like you are wearing anything.  Which, let’s be honest, for the busy mother can be dangerous.  I recommend installing a mirror near your exit door to ensure that you actually remembered to put the leggings on before leaving the house.  But, I digress.

The tops are wonderful.  They are long, flowy, hug all the right places, cover all the wrong ones, just perfectly.  The Perfect T and Irma are my two personal favorites.  They hide the bum and belly and accentuate the bosom in perfect harmony.  So those leggings, that people insist are not pants, magically become pants.  And voila, you feel ah-mazing.  I even have an Irma in the legging material…holy… mind blown… comfy.

And I find that the Lindsey Kimono is the perfect, comfy {sensing a theme here?} accent to a tunic/legging outfit.  Oh and the Cassie.  I love her.  She can be worn as a scarf {hello fall and winter}, as a tube top {I am not really in those years anymore, but hey pair it with the Lindsey and you may really have something} or a pencil skirt.  Again, comfy, forgiving , flattering, material.  These clothes can be dressed up with jewels and boots or heels and down with sneakers and a pony tail.

This really isn’t an endorsement post about Lularoe.  This is my newly favorite clothing line that I have somehow justified $25 is actually cheap for leggings when I typically buy my wardrobe at the resale OUTLET.  But, they are worth it.

One downside.  The patterns.  I can’t help but look at these bold, loud, crazy patterns {which I happen to adore, by the way.  And in all fairness, they do have solid leggings and quiet patterns} and wonder what we will think when we look back at pictures of ourselves. Will we see mullets and 80’s hair?  Overalls and chokers {wait, I have heard that these are back.  Bad example.  Why oh why did I get rid of my past wardrobe?!  Aside from the fact that it doesn’t fit anymore.  What were we talking about?}  Or will we look back and always see them for the fun, comfy, awesome feeling we got from them?   I am banking on the latter…as is my closet and bank account.  If you know of any Lula anonymous groups, hook a momma up.



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