Hide and Seek

My daughter and I are in a pretty serious game of hide and seek.  AKA: this is mine, not yours.

In order to understand the ingenuity needed in this battle, you will  first need to know some things about my daughter.  She is {almost} three.  As a two year old, she has been angelic, sweet, kind, loving, and the world’s best listener.  I didn’t even know that the terrible two’s could be non-existent.  She has rarely needed to be disciplined and her cherub cheeks are heart-melting.

As an {almost} three year old, she has some remnants of her two year old self; but she is bringing to me a new understanding of the term “three-nager”.  I think that sums up her current ‘tude.  She has a “NO” weapon and isn’t afraid to use it.  But, those cheeks.

Enter my favorite pillow.  Which just so happens to be my little lady’s favorite pillow.  The two of us are engaging in a constant game of tug o’ war.  This pillow repeatedly goes missing only for me to find it hidden in her bed.  So, like a mature mother, I take it back.  Because it is mine. Obviously.

I have tried hiding it.

I make my bed and strategically place it under the covers.  But, inevitably, that is the first place she goes searching.  As she {smugly} drags it across the floor from my room to hers, I will remind her:

“Your pillow is on your bed.”

{almost} three-nager: “No, it’s not.  This is my pillow.”

Dang it.

I’ve tried changing out pillow cases.

She will come lay in momma’s bed and watch some television or snuggle.  Innocently, she will lay her head down on a seemingly foreign pillow.  I cross my fingers and hope she doesn’t notice.  But, she will pop right up and say:

“Hey, that’s my pillow!”

Smarty pants.

I buy another one.

Now, she has two.


This little angel, with Shirley Temple curls, makes it impossible to say no to her face.  So,  I {begrudgingly} let her take it back, time and again.

I have yet to succeed in Operation: THE PILLOW IS MINE.  She will undoubtedly find it.  At least those precious cheeks and adorable curls are sleeping soundly.





Accurate ——————>

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