I don’t know about you, but there are some days where I just don’t think I can make it through the day.

Ever since Daylight Savings came to an end, I have been struggling.  Remind me why Daylight Savings is still a thing.  You would think that one hour would not impact your child or children’s sleeping pattern, but you would be wrong.  It all spirals down when we are not well rested.

Then, Easter hit and it declined from there.  Every year I tell myself:

“I will be on top of holiday preparation this year.”

But something always happens with the budget, so I say,

“I will get their goodies with next week’s paycheck.”

Before I know it, I am out shopping the night before at the Target dollar spot for something to fill their baskets that won’t break the bank.

Ever since, I have felt my patience getting smaller and my stress getting bigger.  It is challenging to wake up every day and get five kids plus myself ready and then come home and keep the party going until they finally decide to settle down for the night.  Everyone is tired and crabby.  It has been two weeks of the kids buying their lunches at school, of french toast sticks and donuts for breakfast, of wearing whatever socks I can manage to find laying around because no matter how many pairs I buy, we never have any, of frozen or carry out dinners because the meal plan ain’t happenin’.

So, when I saw an opportunity to request a vacation {AKA mental health} day off of work this week, I jumped at the chance.  It was all I could do to get to Friday.  This week was one where it rained for days on end.  No, it wasn’t the “let’s go sing in the rain” kind of rain.  More like the “we need to build an ark” kind of rain.  We spent a lot of fun filled hours {insert sarcastic tone here} indoors.

No one was interested or motivated in helping around the house so I threw my hands up and decided that I was taking the week off.  In case you are wondering what that looks like, we had zero counter space and I was stepping on waffle cones in the living room.

Finally Friday arrived; my two older kids were off on the school bus, my little ones settled at daycare, and my hubby at work.  I must say, it was an amazing day.

I started the day with a run to Target.  Just to get toothpaste.  But, then I remembered everything I did not know I needed.  I am stoked by these finds.


If you follow me on Instagram and keep up with my instastories {I have too much fun with those}, then you know I am not a fan of overstated jewelry, except when it comes to bracelets.  How amazing is this blue cuff like bracelet?  On clearance for $9.08, my fave.  I am also a fan of ‘loud’ sunglasses as evidenced by those coral beauties.  The girls also needed swim suits.  Cat and Jack at Target is my fave!  I am still drooling over these purchases.  My favorite part of Target is the free Cartwheel app.  Scan the receipt and earn points towards rewards for future freebies!

Then, I made my way to Kohl’s.  Thanks to some Kohl’s cash and rewards that I earned with my Yes2You points I was able to get these babies for free!  20170505_071942

I then proceeded to get a pedicure.  Since no one likes to see feet pictures, I’ll spare you that.  However, it was exactly what this momma needed.

Again, if you follow me on Instagram, you know my eyebrow debacle.  This has been a serious issue {cue hashtag firstworldproblems} and I decided to take the advise of my amazing mother-in-law and pay someone to fix it.  {Insert hashtag nofilter, hashtag nomakeup hashtag mommaisasweatymessrunningaroundcleaninglikeamadwomanbutobsessedwithneweyebrows here}  


I am now on par with the Kardashian’s {or a relevant celebrity}.

I met my very best friend for a quick, impromptu lunch date; her company always centers me.

Next, it was time to tackle our personal landfill.  {Insert hashtag dirtydishesarethedevil}.

I found cleaning to be quite a different experience when I was not trying to keep little hands out of the toilet while I tried to clean it.

Fri-YAY indeed.

At times, I find myself easily consumed by adulting.   When I start feeling the burnout of daily life, I find myself wondering:

“Who the {expletive} am I?”

Today I was reminded.

Seriously, mommas {and dads}.  We can only push along on empty for so long.  It is important to restore ourselves.  Take that time alone so you have more to give to the ones who keep you going.  Your family will thank you.  I know mine is.

Our house is clean.  My wallet is empty.  My spirit is renewed.  My patience is restored.

And my pantry is full of paper plates.  Hashtag winning.


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