Milo Monday: Thirst Trap

Ok the jig is up.

These Milo Monday posts are essentially just for me because I like googling “Jack Pearson”.

But also I suppose I could take this opportunity to share a smidgen of what is on my mind so okay, let’s do that.

This Monday is hitting different because it’s the Monday of a holiday week and for some of us that means that this Monday is kind of like a Thursday and I’m here for it. Also, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s basically Christmas without all the pressure of presents and wrapping so I’m also here for that.

This Monday also hits different because it is the first week that I have actual blog posts planned. I have been working hard on upping my consistency. I read this thing from an author or maybe she was a publisher but also that fact isn’t really important but rather what she said is the meat and potatoes of what’s on my mind. She said that the size of your audience doesn’t matter, it’s the consistency that does.

And I want my audience to know what they can expect from me.

I mean I don’t really wanna lay out the specifics of what to expect here at Rebel Housewife because that increases the pressure by like a million so instead I hope you’ll just stick around and see for yourselves what is to come because who doesn’t love a little mystery on a Monday.

Anyway. Enjoy yourselves some Milo and we’ll go from there.

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