Thursday Thoughts on 30 Days


I made it.


No, I think I can say I actually made it through the 30 day yoga journey even if I only completed 25 days in said 30.

Turns out I do feel kind of proud of myself for actually doing it. And I could sit here and tell you everything that the journey lacked and what I didn’t get out of it but you know what?

I don’t think that’s yoga.

So instead I’m going to tell you what I learned from this challenge. About myself and about movement and about my yoga practice because I think that’s what the yoga would have me do.

For starters, I realized how much I fucking love yoga and how much I fucking hate exercise. I do not like to sweat. I can’t stand core work and when I’m asked to shift my balance to one foot or the other I actually find myself getting pissed off.

I’m not one of those people who finds that I can run off anxiety or move away my depression. Intense exercise actually makes me feel more anxious because I know it’s not servicing me in a way I need it to.

I thrive in the breathwork of yoga. In the slow stretches and mindful poses where you stop and take stock in how you feel. Where you contort your body into a twist and feel all of the toxins trickle out your pores. Where you can feel the weight of the world literally falling off your shoulders. The kind of yoga that I can stop and let my thoughts go where they want while I just observe where they’re going.

Without judgement.

I also learned that I do much better with a guided practice. It helps focus on what I’m doing and makes me feel like I did something that is based on actual yoga.

Guided practice gives my mind a break because I don’t have to make decisions. Sure I like free style moments where it’s like take a minute and do what feels good like a happy baby when everyone else is hugging knees to chest.

Side note: I learned I hate knees to chest pose and possibly because my boobs are just way too big for that shit and it’s basically knees to press into chest to lift the ladies up to suffocate me pose.

Overall, I like a yoga practice that tells me how to move and how to breathe because it’s one less thing I have to decide. My life is full of forks in the road, constant thinking, option weighing, and decision making. So I like to give my thinking mind a break whenever possible and a guided practice does that for me.

I’ve also learned that committing to daily anything is not my style nor does it serve me.

Yes, consistency is something I am really working on but within consistency I need flexbility. I need rest days.

It’s interesting because sometimes my mental helth needs movement and sometimes it needs breath work and sometimes it needs rest and silence.

I need to allow all of that into my routine.

This journey has taught me even more the importance and power of rest.

And forgiveness.

Forgiveness to ourselves for not always being productive. For not always meeting goals. For not always having a good day. For not always being the person we want to be.

Forgiving ourselves for being human and loving ourselves more because of it.

That’s my kind of yoga.

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