I’m On A Podcast!

Milo Monday is being demoted for a week because I HAVE NEWS!!!!

I had the absolute pleasure of talking with author, fellow mom of 5, and my online writer friend, Brittany Meng of The Motherhood Metamorphosis Podcast a few weeks ago!

We discussed (what I believe to be) the impact of social media on motherhood. This conversation took place about 24 to some odd hours after I decided to ditch the socials so we had a lot to dive into!

Our conversation is out now to stream or download or whatever people do to listen to podcasts, so two things:

1. Make sure to check out Brittany’s podcast! She has the absolute most soothing voice and amazing personality and is interviewing some of the best people about how we don’t just give birth to our kids, we give birth to a new version of ourselves. PREACH. amiright?!

2. Listen to the episode with me in it and then come back here and let me know what you think and how social media affects you because I really want you to join in on the conversation with us!

Side note: I think that I found my ultimate destiny which is to be a podcaster and just talk about what I think all the time because, um, I had a blast with Brittany!

Okay and a third thing: Check out Brittany’s blog and show her all the love!

My Episode:

The Motherhood Metamorphosis Podcast with Brittany Meng: Let’s talk about social media pressure on moms with Sara Springer

It’s also on Spotify. I’m not sure how people listen to their podcasts but I like providing options.

I guess it is worth noting that since I had this amazing discussion with Brittany I decided to also delete my TikTok.

I am OFF of social media and am enjoying every.single moment of it. I think there will be “Dear Diary” posts happening as I navigate this sabbatical and I know y’all are super excited about that so yea.

I guess that’s all I have to say about that- but I hope you enjoy the episode and join the conversation in any way that feels true to you!

So, to sum up (insert Friend’s reference here):
I’m on a podcast. 
It’s out now
Check it out.

Okay and a final thought: THANK YOU!

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