Out of Office

One of the ways I honor my mental health is by resting.

I mean could I say that I am a rest advocate again for the cheap seats in the back?

Anyway. This week we are taking an actual spring break in an actual different state so I’m going to put this blog on vacation mode.

If I being honest I’ll probably sneak on my phone to check the occasional emails because I do still have some things to address and ignoring them is more stressful than responding. It’s important to me to acknowledge what I can comfortably put aside and what I can’t.

I still have my phone on and receiving text messages and sending family pictures of our adventures because, I don’t know, I want to.

I may even jot down a few writing ideas as they pop into my head because of the whole it declutters my mind thing. But actual, formal blog posts and actual checking off the list work stuff and thinking about to do lists and adult responsibilities that await me for the next six months … I’m trying my best to press pause.

So, I wanted to wish y’all (we’re in Tennessee so y’all seems appropriate) a happy and healthy week!


Honor where you are.

Take care of your mental health. And spiritual and physical and emotional and all the other healths that matter to you.

Address the things that are weighing heavy on you because self awareness is key in mental health and press pause on the matters that can wait because resting is too.

Let’s come back next week with lighter shoulders, clearer minds, and fresher perspectives.

We deserve it.

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