This is Thursday

Ever since the time change where the time thieves maliciously stole one hour of my life I have not been the same. And by that I mean that I can’t wake up before 6 am when usually I would get up at 5 am and get in my quiet time before the fruit of my loins would awake from their slumber and embark on their “I don’t want to go to school” campaigns. My tolerance for said campaigns is lower when I haven’t had adequate time indulging in the spiritual realm. And by that I mean finishing a cup of coffee without interruption.

Also, I am ready for bed at 7:30 pm which is weird because technically it’s only 6:30 pm pre-Daylight Savings time so why I’m tired earlier than I would be normally doesn’t make sense but Sara isn’t sensible, Sara is emotional. Also, have I ever mentioned on this blog that my name is Sara. Just in case I haven’t, Sara is me and sometimes Sara is so tired she talks in the third person.

Okay, moving on.

Anyway. My brain is foggy (obviously) and I cannot think of any words to write (clearly) and I’m actually just doing a free your mind type writing exercise right now where you write whatever pops into your head so welcome to what it’s like living inside my brain. Also, if I had less clouds in my brain I probably wouldn’t even share this but what the hell. Not all writing is good writing and not all blog posts are noteworthy. At least it’s Thursday Thoughts so the post fits in with the theme of the day.

Wait. It is Thursday, isn’t it?


I watched the latest episode of This is Us about an hour ago and I am not okay. I mean I am, but if you watch This is Us, AKA the most fabulous show in the history of television, then you know what I mean.

Who watches This is Us? Who is caught up? Who’s not? Who hates spoilers?

If you do hate spoilers then I suggest you fast forward to the next paragraph because…

SPOILER ALERT: I’m about to drop some doozies from the most recent episode.


I was relieved that baby Jack didn’t get burned on that damn egg smoker deal because is it just me or did they make it seem like he was gonna have some major burnt flesh accident at that BBQ? So phew. But I did have a minor nervous break down as he ran toward the brick steps that run parallel to the park thinking he was running towards the park swings. Like, I had to pause for some deep breathing exercises and I’m rubbing some lavender on me now because I’m getting worked up re-living watching that scene but I’m fine. Everything is fine.

And I’m wondering if the whole Randall, Kate, and Kevin relationship is actually codependent and dysfunctional rather than a sweet, siblings standing beside each other, type relationship. I mean Toby is the father of their niece/nephew/grandchild and they have basically decided he doesn’t belong anymore. I mean, how about someone try to see the situation through his eyes because I dare say he makes some valid points which also contributes to my feeling that the Pearson threesome is kinda like the Kardashian Dynasty. When you’re in, you are in; but when you’re done, ya done.

But also, what a freaking power foursome of acting when the shit hit the fan and poor Toby was ganged up on by the “Big Three.” I mean. WOW. Nothing better than phenomenal actors bringing phenomenal words to life.

Also, Jack and Rebecca are the cutest ever and his little side smirk when she was eating lumpy potatoes and commenting on said potatoes after a few too many alcoholic beverages was fucking adorable. And what parent can’t relate to being called home early from date night because the kids are being shit heads and then over paying the sitter to compensate. I mean, what parent? No parent. Especially not this parent.

Anyway, I immediately googled “this is us season 6 episode 12 promo” and I think my heart is gonna shatter next week watching Katoby officially un-intertwine from one another.

Well, I thought there would be another paragraph with another thought but turns out I think I’ done. I’m not really feeling the whole actively thinking thing tonight and my kids are alllllll up in my bizness with their nonsense. I mean for like 40 minutes before I pulled out this laptop not one single soul called my name or needed me. Which thank you children because during that 40 minutes I was entranced by This is Us. I guess I used up my grace period because when I got my laptop out to write, they all started fighting and asking me to solve math facts and whether or not I think Elvis is in hell.

True story.

So I guess that’s my cue to leave and I’ll try to come back with more sensical writings next week. Until next time, friends.

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