Luck Is Not a Lady

DISCLAIMER: Insert "no judgement" frequently or you may not enjoy this post. I would like to think that I am a positive person.  An optimistic, glass half full kind of gal if you will.  Sure, I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but who isn't?  No, just me? Maybe it is because we live … Continue reading Luck Is Not a Lady

Check It

I am pretty sure that my children believe me to be a "maid to order" service.  Someone who crafts individualized daily meal plans that allows food to magically appear on their plates; the paranormal occurrence of clean clothes turning up  in their dressers.  I am confident that they believe my sole purpose in life is … Continue reading Check It

Golden Era

I have spent near a decade either birthing babies or breastfeeding them.  I have been pregnant so many times that I am not sure if my mismatched food combinations and tendencies toward irritability are from hormone level fluctuations or my actual personality.  I have not had my body to myself in enough years that I still think twice before taking … Continue reading Golden Era

Apocalypse Now

I love the mornings with my babes.  Someone is usually up before sunrise.  My initial thought is: "Get your {butt} back to bed!" But, then I hear a little voice that says: "Can I snuggle you?" And I just melt. Our mornings are spent nuzzled upon a pyramid of pillows and blankies.  Each sibling cuddles the next. … Continue reading Apocalypse Now

Making {Me Crazy} Memories

I am a family tradition fanatic.  I always have grandiose ideas of what we will be doing on special occasions and then I am hit with the reality that I have five kids, someone is always sick, momma's spent and nothing ever seems to go according to plan.  But, that's another blog. We have our … Continue reading Making {Me Crazy} Memories

Shaft-ed, but not Forgotten

There's a guy who walks by my side day in and day out.  The stresses of daily living easily take their toll.  We spend most of our time parenting little people.  And by parenting, I mean acting as referee.  Most of our day is spent yelling, er, saying: "Stop fighting!" "{S}he was playing with that first. … Continue reading Shaft-ed, but not Forgotten

The Hard Way

I am {probably} a child's worst nightmare for a mother. I have parental locks on all the channels with a higher than PG rating and PG is iffy these days. I constantly check what they are watching on their tablets; YouTube is far too easy to find trouble.  Like, one innocently misspelled word away from T-R-O-U-B-L-E. We have … Continue reading The Hard Way


  There was a time where I followed all the mommy-group guidelines verbatim. Like, you gotta nurse for at least 12 months.  I desperately hoped to make it to a year, but my body just wouldn't agree.  The thought of giving them formula was pure torture. They told us to put them to sleep when they … Continue reading Times-a-changin’

Balancing Act

My definition of 'clean' has changed over the years.  There was a time where I would have thought 'clean' meant clean.  Now, I define it as: "an area where you can see some carpet and most of the trash is in a can" Case and point: this past weekend my kids took a container of sprinkles and … Continue reading Balancing Act

Where We Are

My children will usually have simultaneous tantrums.  It's like dominoes; they set each other off and down we go.  Melt-downs range from fighting for candy at breakfast to late night video game rendezvous. During these times I have an internal battle: cave and get some {momentary} silence or adamantly maintain my stance and teach them … Continue reading Where We Are