On-point(less) Pins

I’m doing a little re-run series because I want to post consistently but I don’t have enough posts yet to keep ’em coming so we are gonna share some words that I wrote way back when and breathe some new life into them.

So, without further ado…

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest.

Holiday crafts are my thing.  Gotta love a Snowman foot-print and a turkey made from my babes sweet hand-prints.  I have about 22 canvases of these completed crafts that may or may not be considered a “Pinterest fail”.  Keepsake ornaments with the kids pictures placed perfectly among cotton snow for our “hanging on the tree” pleasure in the years to come.  I have yet to find a way to fit a picture into those clear ornaments and actually have it look like a treasure you would want to keep, but I’ve pinned ’em all.

I also love all things holiday snacks.  Crock pot french toast for Christmas morning (never tried it, but it looks good), Santa Reindeer Chow for Santa’s elves (this elf devoured that snack in 24 hours), the list goes on.

I am totally excited about expanding my weekly dinner menu.  Cuban sliders, chicken avocado burritos, chicken Parmesan six cheese ziti bake, lemon-garlic chicken (yum)…definitely beats pigs in a blanket and mac ‘n cheese.

My home organizational (idea) skills are on-point.  My sheets (could be) all folded into their pillow cases and stacked neatly in the closet.  My kids toys perfectly displayed and stored in their playroom.  Except they actually like to play in that area (only after I’ve cleaned it of course) so I don’t see the point just yet.

Let me tell you I am the funniest person based on all my pinned memes.  And I am pretty inspirational too based on all my pinned quotes.

I have a fantastic workout routine in mind.  Cardio, strength training, flexibility.  It’s all there on my pinned boards.

My pantry is stocked full of ingredients for Christmas snacks and fancy dinners.  Our craft cabinet is full of paint bottles and googly eyes.  Don’t dare open the linen closet or you will be trapped in an avalanche of sheets and towels.  The playroom floor is layered full of little objects that may be misconstrued as weapons (*ahem* little legos that I always step on, that seem to multiply no matter how many of you I throw away).   My sink is full of dirty dishes since I am too busy finding more funny memes and inspirational quotes to pin.

My Pinterest board has over a 1,800 pins (is that too many?)  I am on my way to something amazing.  If I can ever incorporate Pinterest into my real life.

*Originally posted on December 20, 2016

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