Milo Mon-Deactivation

Today’s post is gonna be short and sweet because, well, I don’t have much time to write. Nope let me rephrase that. I had time but I chose instead to binge watch old favorites on Netflix (ahem The Good Place) and veg out for an extended period of time.

I regret nothing.

I did, however, want to share a small little milestone.

If getting off of social media is an evolutionary practice, I have entered the next phase of said evolution.

I deactivated my accounts.

It feels like the heavens should open up and thunder should clap right about now.

But it’s pretty anticlimatic around here.


I am nearing the end of my 40 day social media fast devotional (after 90 days because timely is not my forte) and I decided that I do not want to get back on social media.

I really haven’t missed it.

Ok. No. If I’m being honest I have missed some aspects of it, but for me, it just isn’t worth the sacrifice.

So on Friday (it feels like this day should be logged into the history books or something but alas it will only be immortalized in this space), I logged into Facebook and Instagram long enough to deactivate them.

Rebel Housewife (and Sara) is another layer of officially off of social media.

So now it looks like I blocked everyone instead. Which is hilarious that deactivating my accounts actually provoked some anxiety. Before I was all like, “well at least people can see why I’m not on social media because I have that mandatory “I’m leaving social media” social media video”.

But now they can’t even find me. Now I’m unsearchable.

But also, no one gives a shit, Sara.

And that’s what I have to remember. Social media gives us a feeling of grandiosity and self importance. Maybe even of superiority when we share certain political stances or religious beliefs or parenting decisions or whatever else makes us feel like we have it all figured out and we need everyone to hop on board with our philosophies. Nay opinions, because philosophies require actual study and fact checking and we have lost that online.

Anyway. I just thought it was interesting that I didn’t feel an immediate sense of relief from said deactivation and that it provoked a worldly fear within me. I’m sticking with it in spite of that because I spent 40-ish days in prayer and meditation about said deactivation and it is always in the moments when I can quiet my mind and silence my thoughts that I find my truth.

The next step in this evolutionary practice would be actual deletion of all accounts. That means good bye to all my genius words and brilliant posts…forever.


Now that was sarcasm but also I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I kinda actually feel sad about losing all my content.

These are big decisions my friends. The 21st century (this is the 21st century, correct?) is a digital age where businesses and writers are growing themselves solid online platforms and I have decided to old school it with blogs and emails.

Integrity versus stupidity. Like I’ve said, the two border a fine line.

And now I’m rambling so let’s swoon instead. Happy (Milo) Monday, folks!

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