Another {real} Love Letter

My dearest #3, In just a few short days you will be turning five.  This year, your birthday is hitting me hard.  Harder than any other birthday, any other year.  I am not sure why. I don't know where your infant or toddler years went.  I remember telling myself to be present with your tiny … Continue reading Another {real} Love Letter

Promiscuous Promises

I have inevitably become the mother I swore I never would.  Feel free to gasp appallingly here, I know I did. I am acutely aware of the fact that time passes and all too quickly a moment becomes a memory.  As a result, I am that person who is overly obsessed with the camera; an … Continue reading Promiscuous Promises

Golden Era

I have spent near a decade either birthing babies or breastfeeding them.  I have been pregnant so many times that I am not sure if my mismatched food combinations and tendencies toward irritability are from hormone level fluctuations or my actual personality.  I have not had my body to myself in enough years that I still think twice before taking … Continue reading Golden Era