Embracing Rest Over Rush

On Saturdays and Sundays my social media feeds are full of all the events families are busy doing and seemingly having the time of their lives. We,however, are the family that purposefully keeps our weekends quiet and free and that doesn’t mean free so we can make plans to run ourselves ragged that means free so we can refill our empty buckets that our busy weeks drain dry in whatever way we feel in that moment.

Sometimes that is in the form of sleeping in sans alarm clocks or waking up to watch the sunrise. We are free to stay in our pajamas all day or get dressed for a picnic in our favorite spot.

My kids can run around outside or lounge on the couch and watch television and I can do laundry and yoga or nothing at all and for a much too short 48 hours the clock doesn’t dictate our lives.

I used to feel bad about that until I realized that is how I like it and our weekends are our sacred time together.

Sure I could look at it as though my kids are missing out on team sports, but really they are building relationships and memories with each other.

One day, all too soon, my little ones will fly the coup and go their separate ways and my house won’t be full of laughing kids and messy floors. I won’t be breaking up fights and telling them to go play somewhere else because we all need our space and privacy. The space between us will be far and wide because that is life and all we all will have are the memories of these precious weekends where we took the time to slow down and keep ourselves un-busy.

These moments aren’t social media picture worthy but those days between the winding down of Fridays and the fresh start of Mondays are definitely our highlight reel.

So my point in posting this is that if that’s you too don’t let the should-ing of staying busy diminish the magic-ness of resting.

You are not wasting time. You are basking in it.

*Originally posted a micro version on Rebel Housewife

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