Easy Peasy Everyday Make-up Tutorial!

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I don’t know if it’s the recent streak of sunshine but I am feeling all the pink eyeshadows this past week! And I’m especially fond of liquid shadows! Easy to apply with a doe-foot applicator (I sound like I know what I am talking about, don’t I?) and easily blend them with your finger!

No muss, no fuss! No long winded story before we get to it. So, let me walk you through this easy- peasy- au- naturale make up look!

Products used and I will link the ones that are in stock:

Brushes used and I will link them here also:

How to apply:

  1. Apply matte primer all over face focusing on problem areas. I use a pea sized amounts and start around my nose and mouth and work my way out and up.
  2. Apply BB cream with kabuki brush and then use blending bud to press it into the skin and remove excess product.
  3. Apply small amount of concealer under the eyes. Blend out with finger in an upside down triangle to lighten and brighten the under eye. Then use any excess on eye lids to prep for shadow and along t zone. Use blending bud to blend out any areas.
  4. Apply bronzer to hollow of cheeks using wet n wild contour brush. Also place along jaw line, sides of nose, around forehead, and basically any area that you want to look smaller or more defined.
  5. Place blush on apples of cheeks.
  6. Blend out the contour and blush like you mean it with the elf blending brush.
  7. Take businesslike liquid shadow and apply to eyes with fingertips. This does dry quickly to a powder so I work on one eye at a time and place additional product where I want it to be.
  8. Twisted mascara (lower silicone wand) on upper lashes. Can use the finer, upper wand on lower lash line.
  9. Set face with setting spray.
  10. Use lash serum in brows to help them stay in place and as a bonus it’ll make your brows fuller!
  11. Hottie lip plumper on lips and you are good to go!

The finished product: the before (left) and the afters (righttop and bottom).

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Shop the look and customize it to meet your needs!

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