No Way

I’d be remiss if I only shared posts when my words and work made it to print because for every piece I share that’s “made it” there’s been at least five that have been rejected.

Within the last week I have had two pieces passed on and another that I’m drafting but the idea in my head is not translating easily onto paper. So I’ve been taking naps and going for walks and doing yoga and trying not to lose my ish with my kids and now I’m getting ready to clean my house after I make yet another meal because maybe a muse will find me on the other side but in the end I don’t know if it’ll ever come out of this head of mine.

I think it’s important to share these moments of doubt and un-inspiration to let any one else out there struggling with finding their own inner strength to chase a calling in the midst of receiving all the “no’s” that journeys are often laden with rejection and fear and self doubt and vulnerability and I do it because it’s important to me for others to feel worthy and un-alone in a world that can sometimes feel unkind and isolating.

So if what you are doing sparks something inside of you keep going because that spark will eventually light fires of inspiration to the next person who is now where you once were and serve as a reminder that although this world is temporary and can be challenging and confusing and cruel and chaotic we can still fill it while we are here with hope and joy and love and compassion because, well, why not?

*Originally posted on Rebel Housewife Facebook and Instagram pages*

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