Rest Well

I soap box a lot about the importance of honoring rest and restoration and also the fact that it will look different for everyone so I wanted to share what that looked like for me over the weekend because I found immense joy in quite simple things and instead of just saying “rest” I thought I’d show how I rested.

  1. I made myself some homemade cold brew coffee and drank it out of my new favorite $1 glass mason jar looking mug from Dollar General.
  2. Clinked around the ice cubes in said cold brew because that sound, for some reason, is the bees knees to my ears.
  3. Gave my daughter a hug and listened to her breathing slow down and become melodic and found myself within a new recognition of inner peace.
  4. Took a nap on a 70 degree sunny day because I needed sleep more than I needed to feel like I should be outside enjoying the weather.
  5. Put away a load of laundry that was sitting in my dryer for almost a week and felt overly accomplished.
  6. Took my kids for our Saturday night Jack In The Box Oreo shakes and listened to them sing to their favorite songs that came on the radio like Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved”
  7. Eaves dropped in on my oldest talk to my husband, you know his dad, about his thoughts on the latest Skyrim video game and took in how much they are one in the same both in physical characteristics and Sunday hobbies.
  8. Watched The Goonies as a family and took in each time my #3 found Chunck to be hysterical and let out the biggest belly laughs.
  9. Snuggled up with my dog and rubbed her floppy ears while #5 gave her a simultaneous hug and said “I love Tootsie.” in her petite sweet voice.
  10. Closed out my Facebook and Instagram applications and embraced the mental freedom of not aimlessly posting and scrolling.
  11. Did “A Rainy Day Yoga’ on a rainy Saturday morning.

So there you have it.

A very mundane weekend that filled my soul and I would rather do all the aforementioned things than a grand gesture or far out adventure because I have a spirit that is rested and replenished and restored and that is worth something even if it doesn’t make for a spectacular or popular or viral social media post.

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