E-Book Launching!

I have news!

I am going to drop a little known fact about myself that you may or may not know.

I have no formal writing education. I am a creative, self taught writer who just likes putting words on paper. As I go through this journey I am learning a lot of people have degrees as writers like Journalism majors and English Literature minors and that they are qualified be classified as a writer or author.

Also, their resume’s and book proposals probably look a lot more promising to agents and publishers.

Also, I hope agents and publishers aren’t digging around on my site as I shout this fact out on the interwebs.

I digress.

All that to say that I am upping my ante.

I am adding to my writer’s resume.

I am gonna actually publish something so I can call myself an author. Well an e-author.

Drum roll please…

My first e-book is scheduled to launch on May 1! Let me answer a few of the questions that aren’t being asked!

What’s the title of your book?

Do Less, Live More: 5 Ways To Stop Your Scroll, Ditch The Anxiety, and Live More Fully In The Present Moment.

What is your book about?

It is a composition of essays that discusses ways to declutter your mind, incorporate time for what brings you joy, and minimize your schedule while maximizing your life. The short winded answer is how to be more present in life while being less present online which I have found decreases my anxiety and increases my joy! Also, I don’t know how to be short-winded.

Both those sentences are a long way to answer a short question.

How much does it cost?

Not a dime! Other than your email address. Yes, this is a ploy to build my subscriber list.

But also I really want to amp you up that social media can be a thief of all joy and that even though it feels like we are staying connected, sometimes it disconnects us from the things that matter!

How can I be notified when this AH-mazing e-book is available for download?

Well, I appreciate you asking this question, my friend! You can sign up right here and you will receive an email on May 1 with the download link!

In all seriousness, I am pretty excited to be putting my first e-book into the world and I honestly hope that you find it worth your reading time. It is not lost on me that most don’t have a lot of free time and when you choose to spend it reading something that I have written…

Well, cue all the crying emoji faces.

I also hope that you are able to implement the things that resonate with you in your day to day and reap the benefits of being more present in your own life!

And that you find it was worth forking over your email.

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