Weighing In

I eat intuitively.

I move my body every day.

And here’s a snapshot of said body.

My BMI says I’m obese.

My belly looks lumpy and it is the antithesis of flat.

Agree to disagree but I have no intention of losing weight or even trying to change my shape.

Because something deep down inside of me feels… I don’t know… good.

I’ve dropped the weight that is truly heavy.

You know the weight of the shoulds and the coulds and the woulds.

I will now only carry the weight of the things that matter. You know like raising my babies to be kind because really if I can’t leave a trail of goodness to the next generation then what have I even been doing.

And getting my dang book published because I’ve lived long enough to know that I don’t want to live a life that doesn’t spark internal fires.

And getting Love Will Foundation off the ground and paying for all the counseling services for all the people because mental illness is not shameful or sinful and I’ve battled it for enough years to know that the stigma has gots to go.

I dare say that matters more than the numbers on a scale.

Also, it matters more that the size of my pants.

All that to say that if the numbers are holding you back remember to only carry the weight that matters to you.

Give the numbers a big ol’ finger of your choice and rock your body anyway because I’m 100 percent sure it’s 100 percent perfect and when it’s all said and done it’s the weight of our impact that matters most.

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