Thursday Thoughts

And here’s tradition #2 that I will be carrying over from Insta-stories to insta-wordpress!

Thursday Thoughts!

I always use this photo because it looks like I’m thinking when in reality I was probably napping with my eyes open.

I came up with this idea because I think that we all get to feeling alone up in our feelings and our circumstances and our likes and dislikes that we don’t realize how many others are in similar waters.

So, let me officially introduce you to: Thursday Thoughts where we share what helps us have hope and heal so others can do the same.

This week’s question box that isn’t a question box because we don’t have the fun stories features over here but if you want to keep it anonymous like we do over there just shoot me a message instead of leaving a comment and I will happily share your thoughts anonymously!

Faux Question Box

It’s getting gloomy out there which for some of us means our depression may rear its ugly head more often.

What are your best tips for keeping depression at bay during the winter months?!

Thursday Thoughts

And because I don’t expect everyone to share their deepest darkest secrets with some rando on the internet, I’ll break the ice and share mine.

Another blogger shared this one with me a couple years ago and it is truly a miracle worker.

Allow me to introduce you to light lamp circadian therapy. Ok, I have no idea what it’s called but essentially it’s a UV lamp that truly gives the vibe of sunshine and it is worth every penny if seasonal affective disorder tries to claim you.

Disclaimer: affiliate link. Disclosure policy here.

Hashtag worth it.

Also, if you have any questions about how I utilize this lamp, feel free to ask!

Also, if you have any tips for managing SAD, feel free to drop em below!

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