Thursday Thoughts: Christmas Traditions

Well it’s Thursday and believe it or not I have no thoughts. I have a to do list a mile long and a very discreet headache lurking in the background so I think I will keep this edition of Thursday Thoughts more traditional, you know, like we did back in the day on Instagram. And once upon a time I did a Thursday Thoughts introduction on the blog so if you need to catch up I’m linking it in this big old long sentence.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s have at it.

Thursday Thoughts!

Where we share what helps us have hope and heal so others can do the same.

Today I’m thinking… what if we slowed down this season and just did one tradition with our family? What if we didn’t book all of our weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas with festivities? What if we just basked in the joy of something simple? What if we took the time to soak it all in instead of running from place to place to place trying to do all the things and get all the pictures and post all the fun?

What if we just remembered what Christmas means to us and honored in a way that is true to us?

Not the traditions or extravaganzas you see everyone else doing that you wish you could do or the events everyone is attending that you think you should also attend.

Just the part of the season that fills you with the holiday spirit and keeps you feeling like you and Christmas feeling like Christmas.

So, today’s Thursday thought is this:

(insert pointed down arrow emoji)

Faux Question Box

If you could only do ONE tradition this holiday season, what would it be?!

Thursday Thoughts

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